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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Firefox Officially Blows, Now

Firefox 29 changed the look of the tabs to make the tabs that are not open almost unreadable.

This is now what it looks like:

The tabs used to be all white. But the geniuses at Firefox apparently concluded that was too distracting, so they made them so that the text font is the same color as the tab itself. Sure, the text color is a skosh darker. But barely that.

I use a laptop. But I plunk it on the coffee table and I use a regular keyboard on my lap itself. Lots more comfortable. But at the distance of three feet, I can't read the background tabs.

This is an improvement? This is the sort of silly shit I'd expect from those arrogant assholes in Redmond. If they don't fix this one, I'm going to have to jump to Chrome for the time being.


S O said...

The problem is the brown background.
I have different (standard?) settings, so the background is blue up there.

Firefox knows to write in white on blue background, apparently it doesn't know this when the background is brown, thus too little contrast.

Comrade Misfit said...

So how do I change that? I have Win 7 and the theme is the blue aero one.

I have gotten tired of software developers fixing stuff that isn't broken, just so they can justify what they do. If it wasn't for security reasons, I'd never update anything that worked.

Old NFO said...

I went to Chrome last year, I'm happy with it.

Billll said...

Unused tabs are transparent. I use a skin that contrasts with black text.

Switched to Chrome a couple months ago. None of the add-ons from Firefox work there. Switched back. I'm told Silver Moon is similar to Firefox. Don't know how similar. Might be worth a try.

Borepatch said...

Looks like there's a pretty bad memory leak in it, too.

0_0 said...

Anyone upset at the NSA should avoid Chrome even more than IE.
Firefox is the least bad browser.

jurassicpork said...

Chrome's no great deal, either. For inexplicable reasons, it's been billed as a faster browsing experience but it's anything but. It crashes so frequently, I have to shut down the entire window and bring it back up. The only discernible improvement over Firefox is that in Chrome, Youtube videos load up to 8:31 seconds at a time instead of the :50 bullshit you get with Mozilla. It's almost as slow to use as IE, which is saying something.

I don't know why these internet giants are insisting on completely fucking up things that work/ I suppose it's their engineering depts trying to justify their paychecks and to remain relevant. The worst "upgrade" out of countless examples from last year was Yahoo completely fucking up their own email client. It's now so bad, so slow and so primitive, their own people won't use it even when urged to.

TheAxe said...

I grabbed Pale Moon lastnight, it's like the old firefox. They have a converter so you can move all your firefox stuff over.

Eck! said...

Hey Borepatch,

Memory leak in which? Chrome or Firefox?

I run linux here and have both firefox and chromium.

Likely different update cycles but need to watch for memory bleeds.


Comrade Misfit said...

What's the symptom of a memory leak? I don't hear a hissing sound and there's not a puddle of binary digits under the computer.

What the hell are you guys talking about?

Unknown said...

I've been using the FXChrome addon after having much the same problem with illegible tabs or just ugly. It also is economical enough with the toolbar bookmarks to allow more of them than most other appearance addons while still keeping the text big enough to read.

Eck! said...

Memory leaks are the problem of crappy programming.

Program request space from the OS and then never returns it or asks for even more. After a while either, the OS cuts it off for more, or the system runs out of memory. In one case the application crashes, the other the system crashes and you get BSOD.


S O said...

The Task manager can show the processes and the RAM they require.
A program (process) with a memory leak requires ever more RAM, and it shows.