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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Wheels of Criminal Justice Sometimes Grind Slowly

But grind they do. As a number of the folks of the Bundy militia are going to find out.

For the FBI is going after them, slowly and methodically. Because it's kinda illegal to point weapons at Federal officials. And I'd expect that's one of the laws that the FBI really takes an interest in making sure people obey.


Old NFO said...

But I guess it's okay for them to point guns at us...

Comrade Misfit said...

NFO, that's been true ever since the formation of the Sumerian Palace Guard.

Eck! said...

Be it a a good thing or bad thing to be involved with...

It would seem if you are going there and jawing on TV being "surprised" by the FBI is not unexpected.

Seriously, there is an abundance of stupidity there.

One would think keeping ones identity and connection with that to be a good thing. After all even after Concord and Lexington there were lists with names and just a few of the British looking for them.

History, damn it learn from it.