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Monday, May 19, 2014

Imagined Conversation at Fox HQ

Head Honcho: "Goddamnit, who signed off on us carrying Cosmos?"

Minion 1: "What's wrong, Boss?"

HH: "I thought it would be a show about astronomy and space travel. But that DeGrasse Tyson fellow is talking about evolution! And climate change!"

Minion 2: "Oh, no, Boss!"

HH: "And last night, he blamed the focus on short-term profits as a reason why humans are not working to do something about global warming!!"

Minion 3: "Eeeeeeee!"

HH: "Who recommended we air this liberal show? Why didn't we get script approval? Heads are going to roll over this!"

All minions: "Eeeeeeeeeee!"


Nangleator said...

That's why I adore this show. Every episode seems to have a message finely crafted to irritate Republicans.

And, in this episode, I realized the panspermia theory isn't outlandish, at all. It's kind of eye-opening, actually.

Eck! said...

Strong irony it be, yes.

The thread was and is that any scientific discovery or statement has been backed with reasoned study or experiment or worse those annoying things known as facts.

The rest of them live by "feelings" because it doesn't align with their "wishes".