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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember When the GOP Tried to Force GM and Chrysler to Close (and Lay Off a Few Million More People)?
And Other News

Good thing that this president and his predecessor didn't listen to them.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- All three U.S. automakers are on track to be profitable in 2011 when they report results in the coming weeks. That's something that hasn't happened since 2004.

General Motors (GM, Fortune 500) is expected to post a 26% rise in profits to about $6.1 billion.

Ford's (F, Fortune 500) profit is expected to come in at about $7 billion, up from the $6.6 billion it made in 2010, which was the automaker's best performance since 1999.

And after posting a loss last year Chrysler says it will swing to a profit. The company is in the midst of an amazing turnaround, especially considering that during its darkest days the company seemed doomed to disappear.
The Republicans were frothing at the mouth in their eagerness to demolish a significant chunk of this nation's industrial base for two reasons: First was because the factories were unionized. Second was because a lot of the plants were in states that tend to elect Democrats. Oh, they bleated a good game about the "free market", but they never wanted to talk about how those same Republicans provided massive tax subsidies and government-subsidized infrastructure for industry relocating into their own states.

In other news, if there ever was an argument for taking a man directly from the courthouse to the gallows out back, it is this sick fuck.

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