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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Their Hearts, the Republicans Know That This is True:


They know it's true. To glom from BadTux, the race right now is between Sleazy dwarf and Creepy dwarf.[1] Frothy and Goldy are pretty much only serving a vote-sinks who are hurting Sleazy, as nobody who votes for them would have voted for Creepy.

I miss the entertainment value of both Crazy and Dopey. I wasn't sad to see Oily go, as he was probably the one who was most likely to win n November. But he wasn't nutty enough for the modern GOP.
[1] I know that BadTux refers to Sleazy as "Grumpy". Here, Newt's Sleazy dwarf.


montag said...

Is the Frothy One offering prostate checks in that picture?

Comrade Misfit said...

wWll, somebody has to, since that fag-hag Crazy Dwarf and her closet-case of a husband are out o the running.