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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Paid More In Income Taxes Than General Electric!

Or, for that matter, ExxonMobil. But I get a W-2 and they have legions of accountants and tax lawyers to make certain that they pay no income taxes.

Which is how GE can book $10,300,000,000 in income and pay nothing in taxes.

Note also that Jamie "Big Bank Collapses Are a Fact of Life" Dimon agrees with the proposition that only workers should pay taxes.


Marc said...

Heck, Warren Buffett noted that he pays less taxes than his secretary.

On the other hand, now that Citizens United is on the books, shouldn't we be calling out corporations to enlist in the military - but since many are multinational, would they need to be naturalized?

montag said...

You too can pay $0 taxes! All you have to do is buy your own congress critter, just as soon as you hit the big one in the lottery.