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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Yesterday, January Sixth, Two Thousand and Twenty-One, a Date That Will Live in Infamy

The more that I think about this, the angier I become. If yesterday in Washington, D.C., a Black Lives Matter protest had been planned, the cops and the National Guard would have been out, in force. Every Federal LE agency, other than maybe the Amtrak cops, would have been there and ready.

But for the MAGA Fascists, not so much. Those pissants were all over social media, talking about storming the Capitol, and the authorities blew it off.

Well, the White Privilege Riot, the Beer-Belly Putsch, took place. The insurrectionists stormed the Capitol and vandalized offices, and all you'll hear from the Right is a fine dose of whataboutism.

This wasn't a riot. It was a brazen attempt to seize power in the deluded belief, as encouraged by Trump and the Right Wing Noise Machine, that they could storm the Capitol and force the Congress to keep Trump in office.

If you are good with this, then you are not a loyal American. You are a seditionist, a full-bloodied illegitimate Fascist wrapped in a blanket of pseudo-patriotism. You are as much a "good American" as were those marching under the NSDAP banner in the 1920s and 1930s were good Germans.

What should happen, now, is to identify as many of these thugs as possible and then charge them with as many crimes as the facts will bear.

On January 21st, charges should be brought for inciting a riot. Those so charged should include everyone who spoke at the kickoff to the Beer-Belly Putsch.

Also, this. And now we know what it took for Miss Lindsey to break his lip-lock on Trump's ass.

As the pilothouse of the Titanic slips beneath the waves, the rats and lawyers are bailing.


DTWND said...

I agree with you, CM. Those that incited the DC riot SHOULD be indicted along with those that actually took part. But WILL they? That, I think, will not happen because of the 'let's put this all behind us and move forward' mentality on the Democrat-leftist-liberal side. But unless those responsible are held accountable, others with better organization will not be dissuaded from the same course of action.

Party of Law and Order. HA!


w3ski said...

I was not much of a "law and order" kind of guy, till now.
These domestic terrorists need to have the fullest extent of the law thrown at them.
And whoever allowed them to storm the capitol need jail as well. Law Enforcement was well equipped to not allow this to get that far but they were held back by someone.
We need a serious investigation and some serious trials with serious punishment.
All the way from the cop that took selfies with the mob, up to whoever withheld the National Guard initially.
This was an attempted coup, abetted by someone in authority.

dinthebeast said...

OK, "Let's look forward" folks: Yeah, let's.
What do you think will be the future results of letting these insurrectionists get away with this?
If we want there to be a functioning Republic after this month, we have to deal with the threat posed by the incitement of meatheads to stop the functioning of the government by the sitting president of these here United States, and the obvious fact that said meatheads are not done with their insurrection.
There are calls for impeachment and removal or the invoking of the 25th amendment at the highest levels of government right now, and the seeming pointlessness of such an action is only the result of being distracted by the cult of Fergus and its relentless focus on him.
This isn't about him, or hatred or loathing of him, this is about the most powerful person in the world calling a mob together and setting them upon the capitol to try and stop the certification of the election he lost.
If we, by our actions, decide that we're good with that, then the future you want us to look ahead to looks dark indeed.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

John Gall said...

25th amendment him out immediately.
Identify and prosecute the rest.

Chief Squirrel said...

chump should be charged with inciting a riot, sedition and treason.
those charges Can be brought after the 20th.


B said...

IF they'd have wanted a "Coup" then there'd be dead legislators.
They disn't and there aren't.

"Dissent is the highest form of pateriotism"...remember that?
Do ya know who said it?

And please, stop with the white guilt. The folks in Law Enforcement knoe there were gonna be riots on Minneapolis and Philly and most other Blue cities in the summer of 2019...and they allowed that too.

MarkS said...

Capitol police should have to re-apply for their jobs. If you accept a job that requires you to be armed, you have to accept that you may be called upon to use those arms.Not advocating for summary executions here,but 3 warnings to halt justifies repercussions for those who fail to halt.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, since when is it "dissent" to batter down the doors and windows of the Capitol, to trash the offices of the House Parliamentarian and Speaker, and to erect a gallows outside of the Capitol.

it's not. It's insurrection. It's sedition. What they did violates Trump's monument order, so it's ten years for all of them.

Sorry that you can't handle the truth about how the cops react to demonstrations of right-wing white folks and BLM protesters.

Dark Avenger said...

One police officer dead, one in critical condition, and some more injured yesterday during yesterday’s episode of “dissent”.
So, B, do Blue Lives Matter or not?

dinthebeast said...

Apparently the officer isn't dead, but in critical condition.
The Republican governor of Maryland tried to get the national guard deployed after he got a cell phone call from Steny Hoyer who was in lockdown with the rest of the leadership and noted the complete absence of federal LE of any kind, but was told he couldn't get authorization to deploy into DC unless the Secretary of Defense OKed it, and he wasn't answering his phone.
So an hour and a half goes by with the meatheads rampaging in the capitol building and finally the secretary of the army calls Hogan, who answered an anonymous call on his phone to be asked if he had a couple of thousand troops ready to go, to which he replied "Yes I do, but you're not the one I'm supposed to be getting permission from" and then deployed them anyway.
Who it was at the pentagon that was stonewalling this request needs to be found out and published.
Perhaps some of the recent upheaval in the five sided building can soon be rectified, but not in time to do anything about yesterday.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

dinthebeast said...

OK, I got that wrong. Reports now are that the officer has died.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

dan gerene said...

The difference between the response to a BLM protest and the Trump's overturn the vote mob is obvious. If someone can not tell the difference they should go to a restaurant (if they are open) and get the kiddie's placemat with "find the differences in these pictures" and get some practice in. But don't eat the crayons.

Eck! said...

B stands for but, but, but....!
Don't eat the Sharpies either.

They (other than 5 people) legislators aren't dead because
most of them are basement commandos that only know of
strategy, tactics, and maybe logistics from first person
shooter games. If they served likely they were motor
pool maintenance operatives or other support operations.

To do something like a real takeover rather than a riot on
government property takes planning, discipline, and commitment.
Believe it or not the people in the army that kill people and
break things are skilled, practice it, and learned to
give and take orders.

As to weapons they only needed what was available, which due
to the above was ill conceived and missing skillz so
opportunities were not taken.

Thankfully with monuments act, they will serve enough prison
time and become forever known for their failures.