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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Those "Good People" Who Stormed the Capitol for Trump's Putsch

Here's one:

A woman who the FBI says took a laptop belonging to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and tried to sell it to Russians has been arrested.

Here's another:

A Wylie [TX] man arrested over the weekend for going inside of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 told his family he went there "to protect the country" and threatened to shoot his children if they turned him in, authorities say.

Guy Reffitt took his gun with him when they "stormed the Capitol" and recorded some of the events on his Go Pro camera that he was wearing on his helmet, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Reffitt was arrested Saturday at his Wylie home and faces federal charges of obstruction of justice and knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority. Wylie is about 55 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

MAGA family values are akin to those of any other crime family. I'm somewhat surprised that RICO charges are not being brought against the organizers of the Beer-Belly Putsch, but I would not be surprised if they aren't in the offing. When it comes to this sort of shit, the FBI is full of grinders

Meanwhile, as more and more of his terrorist supporters are being arrested, Trump is blowing town early tomorrow morning. The timing makes sense, in a twisted way. Trump wants to make the entire trip as president, so from walking out of the soon-to-be former residence to walking into his failing golf club, he has the full presidential treatment.

Sources familiar with the planning tell ABC News [El Trumpo] wants to have a military-style sendoff from Joint Base Andrews Wednesday morning, complete with a military band and a red-carpet walk flanked by troops as he boards Air Force One for the last time, and even possibly a flyover by Air Force fighter jets.

I think this is all just fine. Like it or not, Trump's insistence on one last presidential trip will have the unintended effect of rubbing it in his face just what he's not going to have after noon tomorrow. In less than 27 hours, wherever he goes, he's going to be nothing more than just another rich asshole with a bizjet and a security detail. No motorcade, no preferential treatment from ATC.

Yep, just another rich asshole, with emphasis on the latter word.


Eck! said...

The so called patriots are the best of the best basement dwellers
and Wife beaters it seems. Some are so patriotic they will sell
collected items to the Russians.

Story has it that Drumpf sendoff will only have the few ordered to
attend and maybe the pillow guy. It will be poorly recorded as
the networks are not, uhm, interested.

Personally if the military has to be there, they should be in
parade about face as he passes.


bearsense said...

Seems a good idea for a large “Sick call” at Andrews tonite and tomorrow morning. Especially if you’re a band or aircrew member.

The New York Crank said...

Trying to sell Nancy Pelosi's laptop (which for all I know might have contained classified info) to the Russians? Didn't the Rosenbergs die in the electric chair for something in that general vicinity?

Just askin'.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Eck! said...

We we have he so called million (ok maybe .01% of that) MAGA march in
the captials... Must have been cancled because OF them suffering
from My Ass Got Arrested condition.

Not only are they into forced entry, theft, sedition, they are cowards.

Though I'd grant a few may have ts possible that some came to an
epiphany of lucidity and thought better doing something stupid.
That can happen.


Tod Germanica said...

Burn After Reading had this exact plot idea. Dim bulb fitness coaches Brad Pit and Frances McDorman get psycho CIA officer John Malcovic's CD of...something or other, and hawk it at the Russian embassy, for boob job cash. Spoiler alert: it does not turn out well for anyone. Another spoiler alert; best scene is when a panicked George Clooney drills smiling fool Brad Pitt in the forehead while Brad lurks in a closet. 2nd best scene, Malcovic goes medieval on Richard Jenkins, McDorman's would-be boyfriend, with a hatchet. Funny.

Ten Bears said...

It's all just ones and zeros in a computer somewhere. Could just be an asshole.

Having followed its career, so to speak, since it was promoting Russian and Iranian "wrestlers" in the World Wrestling Federation 'bout 1980, and even a bit before that though I don't recall the context (I think he was at the Playboy Club in Jersey the night the Grateful Dead dosed the punchbowl with some high-caliber LSD), I admit I'm looking forward to following it for the next several years. It wanted all the attention and now it's got it.

Number One rule of being an outlaw: don't attract the attention of law.

Even failed at being a crook.

Stewart Dean said...

But he's not really rich, it's all kiting and grifting. There's no real riches, just a house of cards made up of debt obligation. Oh, how wonderful it will be when it all collapses. You could sell tickets to that.

Comrade Misfit said...

Stewart, one might invest in popcorn futures....

Comrade Misfit said...

Tod, I think that Burn After Reading is one of the worst movies made.

It didn't have to be. It had enough star power to be great. But even Emeril can't make a fine dish out of horseshit.