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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Build Some New Prison Camps and Lock These People Up

Jonathan Adler has pointed out that the Trump Beer-Belly Putsch meets the definition of a seditious conspiracy. That's good for twenty years in prison. Lots of other provisions apply.

Lock them up.

Lock them all up.

And yes, that includes Trump and his spawn.


montag said...

Don't forget to include multiple members of the capitol police who welcomed the thugs in.

Stewart Dean said...

...and don't forget the right-wing media that have fed fuel and oxidizer with intent and substantive result to the fire

w3ski said...

The fact that the FBI isn't already rounding up these terrorists says all we need to know about how this will play out.
Sad but true.
It was an inside job

John Gall said...

"Lock them all up."

MarkS said...

Prisons too crowded?Parole low-level drug offenders to make room for these scum.

dinthebeast said...

Maybe wait twelve more days to avoid Fergus pardoning them all.

-Doug in Sugar Pine