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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Trump's Beer-Belly Putsch Was Beyond the Pale

When the riot began, Trump refused to send in the National Guard. Pence had to do it. The delay cost hours.

So much for "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."[1]

Anyone who works for Trump who has not submitted their resignations by 9 AM should be shunned. Cruz and Hawley should be expelled from the Senate forthwith. Trump should be removed.

Anyone who still backs Trump as of this morning is a fucking traitor. And if this means you, own it.
1. The slow reaction to the insurrection, the nearly white-glove treatment of the rioters, was in stark contrast to the way the authorities handled peaceful protesters when Trump wanted to wave the Bible. White privilege at work?


Antibubba said...

Does DC have Felony Murder laws?

seafury said...

Geez glen get back on your meds.

Eck! said...

DC has the same laws as most states including many anti-gun
statutes and of course murder.