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Monday, January 11, 2021

All of Those On Parler Who Were Planning/Discussing the Beer-Belly Putsch in Advance?

If this is accurate, they are cooked. Another accounting.

I don't have the technical knowledge to assess wheter any of the information at the link is true or if it's bullshit.

It's uncertain whether a guy who was crying about his life being ruined was on a no-fly list for rioting or for being a mask asshole on an earlier flight. Some of the presumed rioters took their defiance to mask-wearing on return flights and have been banned from that airline.


MarkS said...

These people apparently believe that they become invisible when they cover their eyes.As pointed out at your link, nothing really gets deleted, merely flagged as empty drive space.There's software that "deletes" drives by overwriting the drive multiple times, but even that's pretty much impossible if it's backed up ( which pretty much everything is). Best way to avoid embarrassment is to not do embarrassing things.

Tod Germanica said...

Before treasonous Parler was taken down a server dump was hacked of all comments made by the wannabe putschers on der tag so there will be no hiding for these knowing or unknowing Russian assets. And at least we didn't need to blast the would-be revolters with tank cannon fire like the Ivans did with their nineties 'coup plotters'. I bet darling little Vlad, richest person in the world, gets a tiny bit poorer when the DEM's sanctions start to bite. Womp, womp. The Ivans though, grabbed the few secrets trump had not spilled with the biggest IT hack in history. Look for US intelligence agents to start to fall from windows and suddenly turn sick, an act of war by trump's friends he has not even mentioned. 'Russia, if you're listening...'. They are always listening and acting. But soon, with a non-turncoat administration back in power we can begin to fight back. I bet there are plenty of non-treasonous, non-trump cultists agents and officers eager to finally fight back against Putin's asymmetrical warfare. I hope so anyway. If the GOP/Trumpite treason has not yet completely rotted our military.

w3ski said...

The "crier" said, "they called me a F***king Terrorist" and if this had been only mask related I doubt they would have used that term.
An interesting development.
I presume they can no longer purchase firearms as well, and I wonder if deputies will get around to confiscating what firearms they have.
The wailing and gnashing of teeth have just begun.
Time for more popcorn.