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Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Question

Are the various military cops (CID, NCIS, etc.) cooperating with the D.C. cops and the FBI to see if active-duty or reservists were among the insurrectionists/terrorists and if so, will they be court-martialed?

Will any retirees in the mob also be recalled to active duty and court-martialed?


dinthebeast said...

Blue Girl says to reactivate them and bust them down to privates. Discharge the guilty ones with bad paper. There's video of some seemingly trained military moving through the crowd as a unit. They weren't all Duck Dynasty cosplayers, apparently, either; the capitol police called them "trained militia with radios and earpieces and flashbangs and batons" so it would probably be a good idea to identify them before their next tantrum.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

seafury said...

You'd probably have to court martial half the military O-6 and below. You get to 1 star and above you start seeing the really big picture. And you're looking beyond the military to the next gig at a defense contractor. Simply amazing one person could cause this much havoc. Many retired General officers don't mind calling him out, I'd like to see the list of the General Flynn's. I inagine that one is pretty long as well.

Comrade Misfit said...

Flynn would be high on the list if I was running things.

w3ski said...

I just read that a Lt Col. retired, Airforce I believe, was arrested. He was packing Zip-ties. That should be an extra charge, intending to take hostages.
No telling yet what the military might do to him as punishment.