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Monday, January 18, 2021

NASA's Turd Buffers Are Doing Their Best

You can go read this press release from NASA that is trying to figure out a way to claim that a test that ran for 67 seconds instead of eight minutes is a success.

I'd snark that this is like claiming that a flight that crashed short of the runway was a success because it almost made it, but that would be unfair. By comparison, they didn't even make it out of the traffic pattern.

I would not bet heavily on the Boeing-managed SLS project continuing on.

1 comment:

Eck! said...

Well they claims a fail of one engine but it didn't blow up so that a big thing.

However they had no report of what exactly failed.. kinda important.

When I compare that to the current Spacex stacks that have typical
3-5X reuse at many minutes plus test runs to each use it seem they
(boeing ) have a ways to go.

However the idea is appealing however they need to get their stuff