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Thursday, January 21, 2021

"He Was Raised Better"

That's what the father of a Michigan man who was arrested for assaulting Capitol Hill cops with a hockey stick had to say about his son.

I expect that the guys that the FBI can prove assaulted cops will be in stir for a goodly amount of time.

And this clown, a lawyer, was dumb enough to brag on Facebook about what he did. That got him held with no bond.


Eck! said...

#2 link the guy that got held doesn't work.


Comrade Misfit said...

They must have taken it down. I’ll fix it in the morning (too hard to do on a phone).

Ten Bears said...

From the department of jeez, I should have known that - studies have shown anger, rage and revenge trigger the same dopamine reactions as pornography, religion, and drugs.

Was having a similar conversation with my son earlier today, about the unfortunate direction his brother's life has taken. The question is whither or no they will come back. To my experience no, it physically changes the way they think, there's no coming/going back.

It's not just the youngs, my mother, 85 years old and should know better, is not the same person she was five years ago. Is not the same person.

They wanted a civil war ...