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Friday, January 15, 2021

Roost; Chickens; Home-- Right-Wing Noise Machine Ed.

"The American Thinker" has published a letter retracting and apologizing for false statements about Dominion Voting Systems.

Buying into Trumpist conspiracy-theory bullshit has consequences, especially when the target of the lies has lawyers on speed-dial.


dinthebeast said...

Recent retractions have been issued over the Seth Rich lies, also.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Tod Germanica said...

The whole Kraken krew has been forced to issue retractions and apologies to voting machine firms for lies and conspiracy tales after being sued by them for one billion dollars. Every single day when I see these GOP crooks and grifters imploding it warms my heart. I smile every time a racist traitorous Trumpite does the sedition perp walk. Not worth four years of trump hell but I'll take what I can get at the tail end of this Republican shit show. In the words of Nelson Muntz, Ha, Ha. Keep it up, foul Trumpites. Keep digging that hole. You failed your God emperor. Your ugly banners were not yuge enough; your giant ugly trucks didn't put out nearly enough smoke; and not enough of you sunk your ugly and polluting power boats-though you tried really hard and did sink several. And you need to punish your fellow GOP apostates* who didn't jump on the trump train (wreck) soon enough or hard enough. Expel them from your party and make life hellish and frightening for them. No compromise! The Trumpite party is depending on you.
*Trumpites, do a Web search on this word, you will like it. It will make you seem as smart as trump when you proudly deploy it against your fellow Republicans. Never give up the trump!