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Monday, January 25, 2021

White Supremacist Terror Does Work

Everyone who communicates a death threat to a member of Congress should be charged to the maximum amount permissible by law. including sedition and terrorism. For that is exactly what it is, an attempt to change or alter a politician's vote by threats of violence.

The radicalization of the far right is a serious problem. So is the failure of conservatives to call them out on it.

And yes, every self-identified conservative who has spent any part of the last twenty years decrying Muslims for not doing more about the extremists in thier ranks, go take a good look in the mirror and know that what you said applies to you, in spades.


DTWND said...

The result of party over country. IF they had the backbone (stop laughing and hear me out) to refute the Trump lies early in the administration, perhaps the terrorists would not have had the tacit approval to act on their thoughts. They still would have had those racist and seditionist thoughts. But maybe they wouldn't have had the opportunity as they would have been called out early, thereby preventing the Charlottesville, Minneapolis, and Portland escalations.

Just musing.


Tod Germanica said...

If Grifting Old Party elected officials are too cowardly and terrified of their own constituents (and Russian poison and defenestration?)to do their job then they should resign. Sometimes defending the constitution and the government and the country can be hard and dangerous. Get the fuck out of the kitchen if you can't stand the racist and seditious heat of your own voters. You let trump happen and helped him at every step. No pity for your terror, cowards, compared to kids in cages your fear is small potatoes. Ever thought about switching to a political party which does not issue death threats to its own elected and appointed officials, and leaving the dying Trumpite death cult? I'm enjoying your terror. No pity, you all deserve it except Romney. None of you defended the country, you were too busy kowtowing and fellating a criminal traitor. Suffer.

dinthebeast said...

Fergus never wondered why no other Republicans ever thought his approach would be a good idea. He thought they were just pussies who weren't as powerful as he was, who didn't have his clout.
We did try to warn him, and them.
I don't know that he learned anything from it, except possibly that there are some things he can't get away with by just lying.
Which is why it is important to disqualify him from holding office again, because the second go around (should he live that long) would be worse than the first, and those radicalized meatheads would love to have presidential backing to fuck things up again.

-Doug in Sugar Pine