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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Behind the Curve, Again

We're simply not looking for new COVID variants in this country.

“In the U.K., they sequence about 10% of the cases they see—and you want to sequence about 5% to get a good view of what’s happening in your community,” [Illumina CEO Francis deSouz] said. “Here in the U.S. currently we sequence about 0.3% of positive cases. So we’re not getting a great picture.”

Illumina makes genome-sequencing equipment, so maybe he has a dog in this fight. But still, it's pretty damn obvious that if you're not looking for something, you're not going to find it.

Which, of course, is exactly what Trump wanted, for he had this twisted belief that there wouldn't be a pandemic if nobody tested for the COVID virus. I guess maybe three hundred thousand people would have died of, what, bad vibes?


Tod Germanica said...

Because covid-19 testing is just like Shrodinger's cat. Before you get tested you both have and don't have the virus. When you get the test 'spooky action at a distance' and quantum entanglement means you instantly get the disease and drop dead (smelling and tasting nothing) or else you don't. This is how covid spreads. Ipso facto, no testing then no covid. It's just science, people. Q-trump knew about this long before the so called bio-physicists and did the best he could to stop the carnage by stopping testing and saving the lives of 500,000 registered voters. But the Deep State twarted him. Sad.

JustMusing said...

Operation Warped Speed!

Tod Germanica said...

Right, just connect the dots, read the droppingz and the entrails, wear your furs and fake viking horns and keep following the Q-trump plan. Eat organic baby pablum. All is well. Upcoming beheadings and drawing-and-quartering of DemonCraps will soon draw monster rating for Q-trump's new reality show, 'The Biggest Beheading Show Ever!' at the New Florida Gold House, seat of the real president. Get a brian, morans.

JustMusing said...

Don't forget the Ouija Board!

Eck! said...

jm, its...

Operation Warp Spread!

Much to everyone detriment.


JustMusing said...

eck! Alright then - Operation Warped Spread it is!

It was another tool T**** used to further divide. polarize, and gaslight. And, as you suggest, very much to everyone's detriment in so many ways. It seems the deplorables can shrug off the numbers as lies, but when you see the daily obituaries, the Lives Well Lived segment by MSNBC's Nichole Wallace, the faces of nurses. doctors, undertakers, families, and so many more, the reality hits hard.

I know everyone here has been touched by it too and, whether from afar or close up, it leaves its mark, its indelible imprint, the same systemic shock that a war leaves on ones psyche.

Through moral strength and fortitude, we avoided becoming the monster Nietzsche described: “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

I've been "waiting to exhale" for nearly 5 years. While the cost is yet to be determined, the immediate relief is profound.