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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Traitor Ted, AKA the Canadien Usurper, Has Never Met a Mob He Doesn't Want to Lead

When it's too much for Trump's Premier Buttlicker, one knows that it's gone too far:

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling the effort by Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republican senators to overturn the presidential election a “dodge” that doesn’t go far enough in helping President Donald Trump.

Graham said in a statement Sunday that Cruz has a “high bar” to show there was evidence of problems with the election. The South Carolina senator also said Cruz’s proposal has “zero chance of becoming reality.”

Not that what Cruz and his pack of rabid monkeys are doing isn't destructive to the nation, no, no, Graham doesn't give a fuck about that. It's only that Cruz is going to fail.

Funny thing about how, just a year ago, Republicans were decrying impeachment as an attempt to overturn the will of the voters. This was that pathetic asswipe, Josh Hawley, a year ago:

“The consequences to the republic of overturning an election because you don’t like the result,” he said then, “and because you believe that that election was somehow corrupted, when in fact, the evidence shows that it was not … that’s an interesting approach. I think it’s crazy, frankly.”

But they're fine with overturning the results of this election? They're already just fine with Trump trying to steal the outcome in Georgia, after multiple recounts and audits.

As a side note, it's also amusing that Cruz is going so far for Trump. Trump accused Cruz of voter fraud, said that his dad was involved in JFK's assassination, and implied that Cruz's wife is ugly, but Cruz has been one of Trump's most loyal boot-licking senators, maybe second or third behind Miss Lindsey. Which suggests that Cruz has no sense of self-worth, but we need not go there.

The insanity here is that none of these assholes seem to be bothered by asking, if there was a concerted effort to steal the election, why so many Republicans won. If there was a nationwhide steal, why did Collins win in Maine? Why didn't Georgia's pair of stock-manipulating senators, Perdue and Loeffler, lose outright? Why would the attempt to steal the election stop at the top job?

It makes no sense, but that won't stop the Party of Fascism from this attempt to steal the election.

Make no mistake, for that's what's happened-- the Republicans have become the party of Fascism. They seek to throw out an election judged by the courts, Trumps' own AG and every dispassionate observer that the election was free and fair. Those who foretorld that fascism would arrive, wrapping itself in the Flag and waving around a cross, had the right of it.

You can either be a patriotic American or a Republican. You cannot be both.


Tewshooz said...

Stop watching CNN. Try Whatfinger.com

Stewart Dean said...

Yep, broadcasting live from the TN Home for Treasonously Insane and Deranged. A website with more lunacy and delusion per square inch than most psych units. Why bother with being committed when you can mainline this stuff from the privacy of your home internet connection. They should sell monogrammed straitjackets

Ten Bears said...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o41A91X5pns&w=525&h=394]

Ward said...

The 1-hour phone call between Trump and Raffsenberger is totally unhinged:


On the one hand it makes sense to not prosecute Trump when he's gone: I understand the idea of letting things "heal." OTOH, the relentless lies Trump spews on the call, the way he begs these guys to help him come up with more votes and threatens them if they don't... I think the only way there can be any healing is if there are some consequences for so much deceit. Not just Trump, Meadows should face some consequences for being the fixer who gets his boss's insanity implemented.

dinthebeast said...

Since flipping Georgia wouldn't have flipped the election, you can bet your bottom dollar that the other "contested" states received similar calls and just didn't bother to leak the audio yet.

This is the exact same thing he was impeached for.

Seems like perhaps those impeachment managers might have been onto something after all.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

seafury said...

Never heard of whatfinger. Be right back. LOL that's even better than the onion. Good catch 2shooz.

Bryan Sullivan said...

What does it say about the "patriotic American" status of Democrats that fail to hold Republican criminals accountable, no matter how hot the smoking gun is? I'm not talking about you and me, certainly we try to do our part to serve accountability. Rather I mean those elected Democrats who just want to look forward, get beyond all that ugliness, don't do anything that might risk their future support especially from the rich/powerful/corporations, ... faithless at best, enablers at worst. Let's be sure to hold them accountable, now and in 2022 etc.

Glenn Kelley said...

Canadien is the spelling used for a French Canadian . If i remember right Cruse was born in Alberta . That's like calling a southerner a Yankee .

Please stop calling him a Canadian,it gives me heartburn .

Ten Bears said...

Sorry man, I sympathize with you, spent a lot of time in Alberta, British Colombia, flew a lot of logs, had a lot of fun, but Alberta is still Canada and "Ted" is still a Cuban Canadian illegal alien.

Until he proves otherwise, not qualified for pResident. Not sure how he qualified for senator but, Tenth Amendment: state's rights. If California can elect the son of a SS prison guard Texas is welcome to its iceback. To be honest with you, we ought to just cut it loose. Mexico don't want it and it don't want us so I figure hey! hoist a friendly finger and wish 'em a fine fare-thee-well. We'll be keeping the social security ...