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Saturday, January 2, 2021

An Educational Beat-Down

This is NSFW or small kids, so check your speakers before playing.
When Twisted Tea is outlawed....


Ten Bears said...

Let him get up!? WTeverlovingF

Had him in a headlock, didn't walk him out the door?

The can of tea is pretty good.

There will be more of this.

w3ski said...

I hadn't seen the rest of the video. Only the lead-up to and the application of the can. Even better.
He was ready to walk him out, I wonder what stopped him?
This may have a greater effect, but likely not.

JackL said...

The man showed remarkable restraint in not giving that little shit the ticket to the ER that he deserved. It's probably just as well, though, because then the police might have gotten involved and that almost always ends poorly.

Tod Germanica said...

In the tradition of Buzz Aldrin vs Idiot Heckler: and anon antifa vs Richard Spencer/Pepe Racist Frog. Some volks just need punching.
But then a certain percentage of time the nazi returns with gat to exercise his 2nd amendment rights on the back of someone's head. Because freedom. Murica, fuck yea.

Spud said...

Don't particularly like that word to start with... especially coming out of the mouth of some psyco white boy wigger wanna be...

Comrade Misfit said...

Spud, I don't like the word, either. I'm not too fond of the way that Blacks use it, just as I am not fond of the way that gays and lesbians bandy about the word "queer". But that's an issue for forth groups to deal with, on their own.

What I really don't like is non-Black folk and non-LGBT folk saying "well, they say that word, why can't I?"

Stewart Dean said...

Having grown up in the South and having felt then like a cat in a dog pound, it was an utter deeee-light to see the pinhead lessoned. OTOH, there's more than a little risk in taking on the dog pound, even if you are a panther. I left for college and never went back. Lotsa good people but too many idiots, to say nothing of the heat, the religion and the politics (how can KY keep electing Moscow Mitch? Will his blocking the $2K relief finally sink him?). I miss the manners, though I've always wondered if that isn't social lubricant to keep the rage from finding a target.

dinthebeast said...

Having grown up around bikers, I learned that manners aren't optional window dressing, but instead a tool to be used to keep the homicide rate down as the population density goes up.
Just assume that most of the folks you meet are in the same mental state as the guy in the video right before he grabbed the tea and not only will you avoid unnecessary trouble, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by all of those who manage a better outlook on days when they can.

-Doug in Sugar Pine