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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Give Them "a Whiff of Grape" and End Trump's Bullshit Coup

Supporters of US President Donald Trump have breached the Capitol, where lawmakers have been meeting to confirm President-elect Joe Biden's poll win.

In dramatic scenes, demonstrators swarmed near the building, as Congress members were escorted out by police.

This is Trump's doing and, frankly, if you have been supporting Trump's bullshit since Election Day, this is on you, as well.

We are seeing, in real time, that Trump's people are not standing for our democracy.

The hypocrisy of every right-winger who was decrying the BLM protests over the summer has been dragged out into the sunlight.

And once the Capitol is cleared out of these thugs, let's impeach and convict Trump of inciting a riot before tomorrow's sun sets.

ETA: to Hawley, Cruz, and the rest of the Caucus of Sedition: You could have not done what you did and not turned a ceremonial occaision into political theater, but you did. Absent your pandering to Trump, this riot might not have happened. This riot is on your bloody hands, as well.


DTWND said...

And now we have a tragedy caused by a tweeting traitor who fucking idiots follow because of illogical conspiracy theories. This is what the nazi bastards wanted. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. You guys started it, the people who believe in laws and democracy are gonna end it.


Ten Bears said...

Whiff of the Grape ~ that's reaching back a ways. Navy too.

I'll bet you know what 'balls on a brass monkey' means ;)

MarkS said...

Apparently, Covid has caused teargas and violence shortages after this summer's stocks were depleted.

Comrade Misfit said...

What, they're short of bayonets, too?

Ward said...

It's like Ayn Rand in reverse: for the past 4 years the Republicans have been supporting a guy who thinks reality is what he says it is and that he's entitled to do anything he wants. What the world is watching now is the inevitable outcome of going along with a guy who lies, cheats, breaks the law, and promotes violence.

B said...

Where were you in calling for a "Whiff of Grape" when all the riots were happening this summer?

Or do you only condone killing protesters when you dislike their cause?

These folks believe, with good reason, that the election was rigged. It's not like they are protesting some criminal who resisted arrest and died due to that resistance.

Ward said...

The ever-more-shrill cries of the "what about..." crowd, with never a word to say in response to the actual topic of discussion.

dan gerene said...

B, the reason they believe the election was rigged because loser Trump has been saying it over and over again and loudly preaching sedition and fomenting insurrection without showing any evidence shown of fraud.

Eck! said...

The bullshit threshold has long been breached. However there
is not even a blind squirrel moment. ITs BS and lies from
Drumpf and his toadies.

Yes, they believe conspiracy theories. Stupid idiots.
There is no good reason. Least one supported by anything but lies.
There is still no proof it was rigged, 61 court cases denied
or tossed completely largely by Drumpf appointed judges.

I do argue for or against shooting "protesters" that have
traded protest for armed insurrection. Breaking and entering
is a crime. When that crime is conducted on and in government
workplaces and seats its not protest its tratorious to say
the very least.

Last of all on camera again! We have criminals and if they be
treated to tear gas or bullets they entered the arena without
any intent of being peaceful.

One further, fascist asswipes is going to tell me those
"protesters" are anti-fa, no to that as well. Not this time
we have the Bois and the Prouds, and other pukes and if they
are shot while resisting it will make for less effort to
round them up. Just follow the blood spatter.

One last time, the period of great unpleasantness was over
over 150 years ago. It's still over save for the bitter enders.
The result will be worse as we have cameras all over and
Shit will not pass a Shinola.


Comrade Misfit said...

Whataboutism? Really? You can't tell the difference between street protests and storming the Capitol to subvert democracy?

Jesus weeps, B. That's just fucking disgusting. You have revealed yourself to be a seditious bastard, disloyal to this nation. Just like your Orange-Haired leader.

Dark Avenger said...

These folks believe, with good reason, that the election was rigged.

Sure, Jan. That’s why Trump lost 61 out of 62 attempts to have the courts intervene.

B said...

Nice sidestep, Comrade.

THe only difference is that this time it isn't YOUR side doing the protesting. I think it frightens you that the Right is using your tactics.

Dark Avenger said...

The left had demonstrations where they took over government offices carrying firearms, with help from the cops?

News to me.

B said...

Where were your objections....your cries for "A whiff of grape" when the Left took over the Hart Senate Office Building during the Anti Kavanugh protests?

And I have seen no firearms in the coverage of the folks protesting. Nor, I think, have you. All in your imagination.

Ten Bears said...

I just got back from Antifa headquarters and am happy to report everyone is as planned home safely in their bed with a big bowl of popcorn. BLM called to report the same and it looks like the Anarchists got the message: the only people on the streets tonight are Trumpsters.

Maybe you should cut back on the bleach, b ...

Or go back to your country

Dark Avenger said...

Here are are some scenes from that “takeover”.


I doubt any Senators or their staff felt threatened during that protest. Oh, and did you notice none of them were armed?

Eck! said...

B, stop trying be drumpf and incite a riot, or find one.

Big difference is the gallery was filled and they didn't
use force to gain their way in. They were unarmed, and
were on message.

Today the forced their way in, armed, broke things, stole things,
killed a woman.

I see a person that wants so much to be right that you will create
a story that does not exist or distort one to suit you needs. What
is truly worrisome is you seem to believe it all, with no reservations
or consideration.

On this political topic your words are meaningless and void of
any thought and fact. Talk/write all you want but do not be
expected to be taken seriously other than a deep consideration
of potential insanity.


B said...

Who was armed? Even the Big Media aren't claiming that.
It was a Capital Cop who did the shooting, as reported by the Media.

And Ten Bears: I'd love to have my country back...when are you leaving it ?

Dark Avenger said...

A lawmaker confirms to CNN that the House floor is being evacuated.

There’s an armed standoff at the House front door, and police officers have their guns drawn at someone who is trying to reach the front door.

Protesters, who breached the Capitol building, were reportedly heard banging on the doors of the House floor moments before the floor evacuation began


JackL said...

At least this makes the meaning of the phrase "Republican activists" clearer.

dinthebeast said...

Remember when they were saying "When the looting starts, the shooting starts."?
I guess that must not apply when the looters are white and wearing MAGA hats.
OK, Fergus' insurrection body count stands at four, or one Benghazi.
25th the damn fool before he blows something else up.
MAGA hatted goons with confederate flags breached farther into the US government today that any confederate soldier did during the civil war, and were allowed to leave the building by a cop holding the door for them.
The citizens of DC had to put up with a goddamn armed insurrection called down by the president of the United States and allowed to proceed by capitol police, then had to abide by a curfew put in place because of the lawlessness, and capitol workers were seen cleaning up the broken glass and vandalism, all while having no senators or real representation in the house.
A picture on Twitter showed the difference between the security during BLM protests and today.


They have been planning this for weeks, and some were wearing shirts with "MAGA CIVIL WAR 1-6-21" on them so don't say the capitol police were taken by surprise, they are on video letting them through and then the damn fools broke the windows to get in anyway. They allowed this to happen because they didn't want to stop it.
Contrast it with the tactics used to clear Lafayette Square so Fergus could walk through it for a goddamn photo op.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

dinthebeast said...

This seems kinda "armed" to me, B, but what do I know about armed?

Rep. Elaine Luria
I just had to evacuate my office because of a pipe bomb reported outside. Supporters of the President are trying to force their way into the Capitol and I can hear what sounds like multiple gunshots. (1/2)

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

I'll take the card: I was here first, bitch, you go back where you came from.

Your kind's not welcome here ...

B said...

ANd that's the point, Ten Bears. You and your ilk have invaded. THe country was much better off before the folks like you came out of the woodwork.

B said...

And DintheBeast:

So she was frightened about a loud noise....even the Police and the Media aren't claiming these folks werre armed.

Who you gonna believe? One hysterical and frightened female or the professionals?
Yes, I know, you'll go with the one that fits your bias, but be real here.

Dark Avenger said...

B, you wouldn’t be frightened by the sounds of gunshots, if you couldn’t see who was making them?

Dark Avenger said...

Why do say the media said the protestors weren’t armed when that isn’t true, B.

The melee inside the building, which was breached, evacuated, and rocked by flash bangs, involved an apparent armed standoff between police and rioters, both of whom were armed, as well as Trump supporters breaking into and leaving notes in lawmakers' offices. CNN also reported that a police officer had been injured in the scuffle.


DTWND said...

Any evidence that goes against what B 'knows' will be dismissed, out of hand. He won't even bother to look at it objectively. He is an example of what is wrong with the Trumpanzees, the 'facts' in their minds override reality. Show examples of how the mob vandalized the capitol, he'll twist the conversation to the summer riots. He just doesn't get how the summer riots were energized by the shootings/murders of black Americans. He refuses to acknowledge how the DC rioters were energized by Trump using false claims of election fraud/tampering. Trump says it, he believes it, and that is his reality. No amount of evidence or reason will change his mind.

He will continue to lie, obfuscate, misinform, and redirect any conversation that belie his beliefs. Basically, he is a lost cause.


B said...

Keep repeating the MAntra of "false claims of election fraud/tampering" if you say it loudly enough often enough then maybe you can get someone to believe it. You know, because you are an intelligent person that youtr claim that there was no Fraud is a lie. you are too smart not to know the truth. But go ahead, keep clamoring that there was no fraud. Maybe you can get yourself to believe it if you chant it often enough. I think that's why you and your ilk repeat that claim so often.

Dark Avenger said...

You have made falsifiable statements that have been fact-checked and shown to be lies. Why do you keep behaving as if that wasn’t so, B?

DTWND said...

Whereas your proof of fraud? Where’s your evidence of tampering? I have shown proof of each; both committed by Republican associated individuals. The courts, with judges appointed by the right, have thrown out all the lawsuits from Trump’s campaign. YOUR side cannot provide proof of either, B. You refuse to acknowledge that the election was as fair as any other presidential election in history. Trump has more than 23,000 VERIFIED lies on the record, and yet you choose the have the mindset of “Well, THIS time he’s telling the truth.” You are purposely being obtuse. Your act is worse than my 3 year old grandson’s temper tantrum. But he’ll listen to reason once he calms down.


Eck! said...

B, we start here...

"Who you gonna believe? One hysterical and frightened female or the professionals?"

Well, that makes you at the very least misogynist and very unsympathetic of
Women. Was it necessary to use a stereotype?

"Keep repeating the MAntra of "false claims of election fraud/tampering" if you say it loudly enough often enough then maybe you can get someone to believe it."

I suggest if you want to counter that provide proof, evidence. You have made
the claim unproven and justifiably false that there was fraud. Then you call
DrumpFs appointed judges as all manner of bad things because they called
the cases brought as facially deficient and unsupported by facts. They did
what any judge would do read the litigants the law and throw them out.

Like others said, you have presented claims without proof and lies that
stand no test. You have used most of the standard fallacy arguments
from anecdotal, appeal to authority, strawman, through sophistry but
the claims still fall short and fail.

Please see https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/

I will argue this is not ad hominem attack as I am addressing a source and perpetrator of fraud while promoting propaganda. The fraud is you appeal
to emotion and higher authority without presenting facts. The propaganda
is that you promote that anything the other side says is an arguable lie
in the face of facts to the contrary.

Best suggestion is find real proof or silence yourself as your proving you
are a willing fool.