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Saturday, January 23, 2021

The MAGA Clowns of 1/6/21 Keep Getting Arrested

Including one jagoff who tried to flee to Switzerland.

Someone observed, somewhere else, that there is a clear disconnect between how the Feds are handling these cases and how they handle everything else. In other cases, they charge the defendants with every possible crime and then whittle it down, if need be.[1] Here, they're hitting the seditionists with minimal charges and syaing that they may tack on more charges.

Whether they are being cautious and are making arrests earlier than they otherwise would or this is evidence of implicit bias towards a bunch of white guys is open for discussion.
1. More often, they use the additional charges as leverage in plea-bargaining.


Dark Avenger said...

Mmm, use the minimal charge to arrest them on something, giving time to gather the evidence to see who are the small fry and who are the leaders were, and they can then file superseded indictments to add charges as dictated by the evidence.

Ten Bears said...

I was wondering earlier if they can tack on culpability in the deaths ...

Bare minimum Unauthorized Entry, Vandalizing Government Property, manslaughter. Potentially additional Theft of Government Property, Assault on Government Employee, manslaughter. That's just the rubes, the sucka`s. I could be wrong, but ...

Ten Bears said...

David Neiwert might have it, I think ~ Biden’s allies in Congress are already taking steps to pass new legislation that will close a statutory gap in federal terrorism law—namely, the lack of any federal criminal penalties for acts of domestic terrorism. Indeed, domestic terrorism is not a prosecutable federal crime, which has contributed mightily to prosecutorial inaction in some cases. It has also contributed to a stark imbalance in which over 500 people have been charged with international terrorism crimes, and only 34 have been charged with domestic terrorism.

JustMusing said...

What these rubes forgot or never knew is that Democracy is not just a single place....it's an idea, an agreed upon construction for voting on representation that is practiced across the entire United States. You can toss the Capitol, riot in its hallways, threaten those elected to represent us, but it would not and cannot destroy the Republic.

While there were thousands of them, there are millions of us and we have the tools and power to bring them to heel and to justice. The jackboots are now staring at lengthy jail time and always having to look over their shoulders on their way to the shower, the yard, the commissary; there will be no place to hide.

Tacking on a lifetime of fear and anxiety.

MarkS said...

A classic example of the results of self siloing, now made even easier by social media.It undoubtedly goes back further than John Wilkes Booth,but he thought everyone hated Lincoln because everyone he knew, or talked to, hated him. OT, but the Russians have the opposite problem, as it appears arresting Navalny was not an inspired move.

JustMusing said...

Is Navalny poisoning a dictatorship?