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Monday, January 18, 2021

A Sincere Message to the Republicans Who Still Think That the Election Was Stolen

First, this:

There was some dude holding up a sign yesterday outside of a statehouse that said that he'll accept the results of the election once we prove to his satisfaction that the election wasn't stolen.

Here is my message: We do not have to prove anything to you or to anyone else. The Governors or Secretaires of States of all fifty states certified the results of the elections in their states (you can see the actual certifications here). Those officials are comprised of Republicans and Democrats. Additionally, Donald Trump and his allies filed dozens of court cases. In many of them, when they got into court, they didn't allege fraud (despite their out-of-court statements) because they had no proof.

And so, they lost. Every freaking time.

We don't have to prove that the election was stolen. You do, and not with a bunch of conspiracy-theory "connect the dots" bullshit. You need actual proof, capable of being admitted into evidence, and that you do not have. For if you did, it would have been presented in one of the fifty or more cases brought by Trump and/or his allies.

We had a fair election. If you do not accept that, you really need to seek competent professional help, for there is something wrong with your head.

We won. You lost. Grow up and get over it.

And if you can't do that, then, with love, go fuck yourselves, your horses, and everyone who looks like you.


Eck! said...

"...he'll accept the results of the election once we prove to his satisfaction that the election wasn't stolen."

Only one question kid, what constitutes proof to you?

The list:

HE lost the election according to 50 states. with recounts.
He lost or was tossed out by over 60 court cases.
He didn't over turn the senate vote count.
His minions didn't overturn the senate.

Qanon releasing a "oops we were wrong" statement. Haha, ha!

Rethugs admitting they were pulling your leg, yah. not really, then
they have to admit they lied.

Drumpf admitting he lost fair a square... after 23,000 lies we would
not even know it it were true. On the same count he says he won,
lie number 23,001!

But come wednesday, he's OUT!


B said...

Keep repeating that meme over and over..Who are you trying to convince?
Perhps you can convince yourself if you say it loud enough and often enough. Ever more shrill.

At the end, you are intelligent enough to know the truth, even if you won't admit it.

Ten Bears said...

You talkin' to the mirror, *?

Dark Avenger said...

I’m sorry, B, but your fantasy world is not respected here. Try Freepers or the shitstain that is known to the world as Breitbart.

Comrade Misfit said...

Who am I writing to? Fools like you who have bought into Trump’s lies. Maybe I’m being optimistic that there is any cure for Trumpism other than embalming fluid.

w3ski said...

To all those that somehow still believe Donny won, I have a Bridge for you.
It's a great bridge, the greatest bridge ever...
It's a Republican bridge too, just for you.
We can come to terms on the price, just contact me.
Be the first one in your neighborhood klan meeting to own your very own bridge.

Eck! said...

B: your what we call beyond help. You are likely certain if a bridge
fell on you it would simply bend around you with your stupor powers.

Your words have no meaning.


Comrade Misfit said...

My apologies to Dave Dubya. I accidentally deleted his comment. It is reporduced, below:
Trump will meet justice eventually, but his cult will be a menace for decades, I'm afraid.

While we shouldn't sympathize with them, we need to understand them.

John Dean and Bob Altemeyer present an excellent study of these far Right radicals in their book, "Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers".

The book examines the base as "social dominators and authoritarian followers", generally marked by bigotry and white privilege. They literally live in fear of equality.

As we know, their indoctrinated beliefs are impervious to facts and reason