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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dear Joshua Hawley, the Junior Senator From the State of Missouri:
Go Fuck Yourself

Hawley, poor little self-entitled snowflake that he is, complains that he's being muzzled.

First off, the inanity of his complaint is shown by the fact that he was allowed to carp about his perceived slights on the front page of a major metropolitain newspaper.

Second, for a clown who claims to be a "constitutional lawyer", hawley has no grasp whatsoever of the meaning of the First Amendment. Any company is entitled to not air his views. Nobody is forced to listen to his seditious complaints. If he's complaining that they aren't being fair to him, he can go piss all over Ronald Reagan's grave.

Third, a man who was a willing participant in Donald Trump's autogolpe, a man who connived at a blatant attempt to overturn the results of a fair election and install the loser, a man who tried to shit all over the Constitution in his fealty to a cult of personality, that guy is complaining that his rights are being violated?

Give me a fucking break. In simpler times, what Hawley did would have been the subject of a very quick trial and a very slow execution.

For him to now claim the rights of an American citizen after his gross act of sedition is laughable at best. Legal, yes. Moral, hell no.

Hawley should be shunned as though he is the carrier of a loathesome disease.

Edited to add, per a comment:


Eck! said...

Is he a citizen or one face of the government?

As a citizen he has the right to say things. AS the face of the
government he is also under the Constitution for what he can do
and not.

His position offer apparent freedom and a high bar for responsibility
as well. I believe he has failed on the latter.


Dark Avenger said...

A short review for B and others


Ten Bears said...

I suppose that someone should note that for all the talk, all the noise he's making in spite of having been canceled, boiled right down to ones and zeros all he's done is stroll across the square in a too tight suit and make a poor imitation of the old Black Panthers / Hell's Angels fist-pump power salute. He's as guilty as the rest of 'em, but at least the rest of 'em actually did something, good bad or indifferent.

I've been places where that's called selling wolf tickets.