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Friday, January 8, 2021

There is No Upper Age Limit for Acting Stupidly, MAGA Riot ed.

A 70-year-old Alabama man had 11 Molotov cocktail devices "ready to go" in his truck when he was arrested during the breach and riot at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

Lonnie Coffman, of Falkville, was arrested on gun and ammunition charges Wednesday night near the Capitol after a pro-Trump rally escalated into an insurrection inside the nation's Capitol building.

The bombs were constructed from Mason jars, golf tees and cloth rags. After his arrest, Coffman told authorities they contained gasoline and melted Styrofoam, an explosive mixture that "causes the flammable liquid to better stick to objects that it hits upon detonation," according to court documents.

Molotov cocktails. A gun on his person without a permit. Guns in his truck. Probably large-cap magazines in everything.

This clown probably isn't going to breathe air outside of custody for a very long time.

Unless Trump gives him a pardon. Which is probably possible.

Anyway, now that everyone has seen the naked obcenity that is Trumpism in action, watch the non-extemeist Republicans run for the hills, pretending that they had no idea that things could be this bad.

Willful blindness.

Don't let them get away with it.

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MarkS said...

It's starting to appear that embedded in the riot tourists were small teams that moved purposefully with at least intent to take hostages (can't think why else they would bring flex cuffs). James Clyburn has put out a statement that one such group ignored his office (with name on the door)but instead proceeded to the unmarked room that he usually works from. Don't think the "economically anxious acting out" theory will age well.