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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Either Drinking or Planning to Buy New Cars

The criminal defense bar is sitting their asses in butter (as my grandmother used to say):

I know that most criminals are stupid, but Jesus! These guys are redefining the term.


B said...

THey assumed, I think, that they'd get away with it just like the folks who snapchatted, FaceBooked, and Tweeted all their illegal antics during the Riots and Burnings last summer...

Foolish, I know, THOSE Felony Illegal acts were on the Approved list...as were the Riots and Burnings.

But yes, doing any of the above and then Tweeting or Facebooking or otherwise is a terribly Stupid act.

Ten Bears said...

It's been thoroughly documented, *, the rioting and burning this summer was all started by your bundles of sticks the pretty bois, half-wits and oath-breakers. The NAZIs, looking to blame it on the "lefties". The only thing "left" that turned out were a bunch of angry moms towing their docile leaf-blower wielding hubbies.

To be polite, you have a predilection to prevarication ...

Dark Avenger said...

B, what you have said is unimportant, I do not hear your words,

Comrade Misfit said...

B, first off, what Ten Bears pointed out is partially factual (not all, but a lot of the trouble was started by neo-Nazis and similar lions).

Second, your patent inability to be able to distinguish between a riot and an insurrection saddens me.

B said...

Do you really think that the burnings and lootings were all started by foilks on the right?
It's been a pattern of Black Riots longer than I have been alive....

and it wasn't White Supremacists that were taking slefies in the shops while looting. "Twasn't White SUpreacists that were running around the streets smashing cars and burning stores in those black neighborhoods. Twasn't White SUpremacists that were filmed looting stores in the Mag Mile in CHicago last summer, where the police were told to stand down while the contents were loaded into U-Haul trucks....and no one bothered to investigate all those Social Media posts that incriminated te perpetrators.

I fail to see why RObbery and Arson are any less a crime that Trespass and criminal damage of an office building. No legislators were harmed, and when COngress is not in session it is just an office building. You claim it was an insurrection, but that is YOUR definition. It wasn't. If it had been, there would be a new government needed. It was a riot just like your approved Black Live Matter riots last summer...except this time you don't like the folks who did it. Sadly, you cannot evenly and equitably apply unbiased standards to crimes....I think those who invaded the Capitol should be pursued and charged and do the punsihment....but I ALSO think that those who did the other lootings and burnings should be charged as well....

Dark Avenger said...

Insurrection isn’t justified by any means, especially not in “retaliation” for riots.




14,000. That's the estimated number of arrests made across 49 U.S. cities during anti-racism protests last summer, according to the Washington Post.

The vast majority of whom were non-violent protestors who didn’t break anything, except the brains of racists who can’t imagine valuing African-American lives as equal to Caucasoid-American lives.

But, keep ranting, B, you’re bound to win against reality someday,

Comrade Misfit said...

B, so it's only an insurrection if it succeeds? Is that what you're arguing?

That sounds uncomfortably like the racists/apologists who argue that the ___________ wasn't genocide because some ________ survived.

(You can fill in the blanks however you like)

Eck! said...

B, we can use you as an example.

"Do you really think that the burnings and lootings were all started by folks on the right?"

Some no, mostly yes. Why? The riots as called started peaceful and
contained elements when seen at first glance were not protesters. But
not all of the riots were started from a peaceful place, those were
deliberate actions. As they got hotter or just the cover of night
those elements were seen to be instigating criminal action. Then
you get the layer of mob action once started and the opportunist
criminals looting, arson, assault, under the cover of the ensuing
mob riot. That was the summer. Also to date many of those players
were identified and either charged and jailed or warrants issued.

Sedition Edition.
Anything but a homogeneous group but largely white and republican of,
rightist actors, anarchists, supremacists, conspiracy addicts, and
likely a few mom and pop conservatives. It was never a protest it
was a called rally to action and developed into a seditious act.
Some brought explosives, and destructive devices and even tried
to bring arms. The biggest part is they did do damage, were easily
identified [self photos being illegally there], Importantly people
were killed. Again, people were arrested and warrants issued and
more are being sought. Many were actors at prior events.

Whats interesting is many of those were people seen at earlier
riots but not in custody or worse were and are on bond and
some were seen there but had no pending charges.

The easy ones:
Examples like the Q-hornedfuredmantini idiot were at other
"events" some even turned violent. Or dumbasses that had
a visible web presence and then added they were there, inside.
Then the bunch in Michigan that appeared also in Portland
armed, unmasked, some did the save confederate the statues
tour. Or the SHFA that sent 11 busses 5 containing their
own local [to me] brand of white supremist club folk. Hard
to ignore when they both self identify and are visibly known.

So no there was no approved crimes to be ignored list, maybe
slow acting and overworked local police that are still catching
up. But there was a active plan to do DC as an active criminal
act and some took it seriously and are now being followed up on.
Some of the DC actors have a face and name to check against the
long hot summer unidentified.

So a very short and rough outline.

B, your inability to see past the party line and outside conspiracy
theories and a subscribed willingness to believe it was only the
"other guys did it" borders on obsession. It is an overt avoidance
of critical thinking and an unwillingness to see past what you
wish is true rather than facts and evidence. So you rail against
an ideology against a known group with a reality and officers
and a physical home office.

The facts and pictures say otherwise. There is a lot of video
and still images all will get looked at. Anyone that has their
face/tattoos/identifiable unique look in them has a big problem.
Those images of course being all those photos and videos of the
last year.