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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Wheels Are Grinding

The Justice Department and FBI have created a sedition and conspiracy task force to pursue charges against participants in the storming of the U.S. Capitol and are investigating any links to domestic or foreign instigators, officials said Tuesday.

The investigation, one of the largest ever undertaken by the department, includes counterterrorism and counterintelligence facets and has charged more than 70 individuals and identified 170 suspects to date, acting U.S. attorney Michael R. Sherwin of D.C. said. Those arrest figures are expected to increase into the hundreds, if not “exponentially.”

But Sherwin and Steven D’Antuono, head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, said any impression that prosecutors have mostly charged misdemeanor Capitol trespassing and D.C. curfew offenses is misleading. They said the cases are only the beginning and that U.S. authorities are investigating everything including the plundering of congressional offices and digital devices, assaults on law enforcement officers, theft of national security and defense information, in addition to felony murder and excessive use of force.
“People are going to be shocked with egregious activity in the Capitol,” Sherwin said, citing video footage and witness accounts that have not been made public. “No resources of the FBI or the U.S. attorney’s office will be untapped to determine if there was command and control, how it operated and how it executed these activities.”

Anyone who had any sort of hand in this would be well-advised to get a lawyer on speedial.

There is also thought being given to using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to bar everyone involved from ever seeking public office, which could easily include Trump and spawn of.

You seditious assholes in the Beer-Belly Putsch tried to take over our country.

Now it's our turn. Only we're going to do it by the book and when we're done, I'll bet that a fair number of you will have BoP numbers attached to your names.

Sleep tight.


Ten Bears said...

Remember when I said they will piss off the cops? Seen it. Happens every time.

I'm still of the argument had we turned the state bulls loose out there where I went to high school when those "insurrectionists" broke into a tourist kiosk that was closed for the winter and shot the shit out of 'em, give 'em the Vicki Weaver / David Koresh treatment; if we had previously rounded them up when we had incontrovertible evidence they were scopin' on federal offices serving an eviction for failure to pay rent, we wouldn't be here today.

And those cops wouldn't be dead. That's all the creatures are: cop-killers. Not "insurrectionists", not "revolutionaries", not patriots. Cop-killers.

The smart militiamen have already burned their cosplay costumes.

MarkS said...

After the Parler breach, they might as well get forehead tattoos.There's no hiding now.

seafury said...

But the right wing "news" sites are saying Pelosi planned it ! That the protests at the state capitols are going to be used to take away my guns. Now I don't know what to believe. I, I just wish there was some way for the president to talk to us and give us the truth.

Eck! said...

SF, that's sarcasm... or its just that fake right wing news.

Between parler and all the selfies posted, yep lawyer on speed-dial.


Tod Germanica said...

seafury, Vlads pals are now programming the traitors to avoid state capitol coup plots and instead try the same violent attack again in DC. AirBnB stopped DC rentals and hotels are getting ready for round 2. This ain't over by a long shot. Do you think the military and FBI heard the news and are preparing? My Trumpite neighbors (yes, biggest assholes on the block) are still flying their giant trump banners and desecrated 'blue line' (in honor of smashing actual cops on the head until dead) US flags. Time clean the firearms and check ammo supplies (tight these days) in case my traitor supporting neighbors decide to join the insurrection fun. Thanks for marking your sedition with giant banners and twisted, perverted US flags. Motherfuckers.

Comrade Misfit said...

Ten Bears, for those who were there, they might want to go turn themselves in. One thing is fairly well known: If you make the cops chase you, things can go very badly.

Everyone who stepped over the barricade line committed trespass. That's a shitload of people now looking at beoing arrested.

And it's looking more like they will be. There's no appetite for being nice to these fools anymore. We learned our lesson in 1865: Being nice to these fools gets you nowhere.

Tod, the idiots who may bring their guns to DC are all going to be arrested or shot dead. It'll be up to them what happens to them.

Eck! said...

For those in the spectrum of knowing...
Some key words:

Uniforms and identifiers, camouflage.

They the stupid militia have none of that, fewer understand that,
and the few that do will be outed by the rest.


Dark Avenger said...

As I’ve remarked elsewhere, planning anything above two guys knocking over a liquor store requires, direct and contingent plans, materiel, and that most non-fungible resource, time.

Ten Bears said...

One thing not fairly well known: they catch you, eventually.

One thing definitely not as well known as it should be, there ain't nothing romantic about living on the underground, living on the run: no income, place to live, no real "friends", not even access to an emergency room if you need it. Ladies love Outlaws ... late night at a barroom; that whole "get's purtier at closin' time" thing works both ways. To be outside the protection of the law - gotta' carry guns cuz ya' always carry cash - is pretty much outside of society. I don't mind living in the woods but it's no way to raise a family.

I don't have a lot of sympathy for these cop-killers, but I do have a little ...

Comrade Misfit said...

I don't have a smidgen of sympathy. They didn't get into cop-killing because they were destitute or because The Man had his foot on their necks. These were entitled white dudes, the kind that cops say "sir" to; nobody forced them to go to that demonstration, nobody forced them to stay when things went snakeshit. Nobody made them storm the Capitol.

Quite a few are in deep kimchee, which is where they placed themselves.

MarkS said...

On a lighter schadenfreude note, laxative sales took a hit as a significant portion of the population had more trouble NOT defecating.

Ten Bears said...

All so but, maybe that's not the right word. There's an old saying that ended up in a popular book - when you put that bottle to your lips you don't drink out of it, it drinks out of you.

It's what I feel when I see one of my cousins passed out drunk in the gutter; the sadness of watching someone struggle with it and fail. Been there, done that. It could happen again. To see someone destroy their lives over something so stupid, so willfully just tugs at a corner of me. Been there, done that. It could happen again.

Maybe not sympathy. Maybe I am a "liberal".

Nooooo, fergoodnesssakes ...

Eck! said...

Who are you?
Whom do you trust?
Whom do you serve?

Those are questions for the seditionists...

Who are you?
We know who they claim to be, but is that who they are?
So many are trying to acquire the look of being on the "right side" of
what history may see. So we know are pliable and flow with the wind,
others we are trying to know.

Whom do you trust is the deeper question, is it the Constitution and
laws or Drumpf the bully. We have history and our freedom to identify those
that would lead us off into the bushes for their own aims.

Whom do you serve, is it The Country or some fragment aligned with Drumpf?

They are the result of subscribing to the presumed Republican party or is
it more the Cult of trump. One claims to be the body of conservatism the
other is a fascist nationalistic cult of personality.

What do you want?
Those that are on the side of the cult of Drumpf likely have not thought about what they stand for or to what he may have been promised and has not been delivered. They are the real losers and suckers as they got nothing and maybe lost much. That's more about the three years of Drumpf not the last years of Drumpf/Covid.
Easy way to find out read the republican presidential platform 2016, then read
the memo saying that's still the platform for 2020. Shorter version, we made promises and if your rich we delivered, middle class or poor them are the breaks
and that there is what his plan was to be for the next 4 years.

It's not liberal, progressive or conservative, left or right, its basic civility and empathy for those not so well off or suffering. After all anything else is unacceptable.

None of those are children in cages, a useless and poorly built wall segments,
or promising to remove illegal immigrants filling jobs you never wanted, bankrupting people or their votes. So much fail and yet we have those that
willingly give in to that large empty promise of nothing.


dinthebeast said...

Can I just point out that we tried to deal with these fucks back in 2009, but the Republicans threw such a fit about it that nothing was ever done?


-Doug in Sugar Pine

Comrade Misfit said...


I know. It's been on my mind to write about that.