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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sometimes, One Wonders How Elon Musk Can Figure Out How to Put On His Pants

Tesla boss Elon Musk wiped $14bn (£11bn) off the carmaker's value after tweeting its share price was too high.

It also knocked $3bn off Mr Musk's own stake in Tesla as investors promptly bailed out of the company.

"Tesla stock price too high imo," he said in one of several tweets that included a vow to sell his possessions.
In 2018, a tweet about Tesla's future on the New York stock market led to regulators fining the company $20m and Mr Musk agreeing to have all further posts on the platform pre-screened by lawyers.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported it had asked the billionaire if he was joking about the share price tweet and whether it had been vetted, receiving the reply "No".
Musk needs to check himself into a Nut Barn for some mental carpentry work, for he's a little unhinged. If one thing is certain, he's going to be sued as though there is no tomorrow.

This could be the last straw for Musk as the boss of Tesla.


dinthebeast said...

He probably has people who put them on for him.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Antibubba said...

I wonder if he's planning to buy up his own stock.

Comrade Misfit said...

Antibubba, if he did that in order to manipulate the stock, Musk is going to be a BoP guest for a spell.

CenterPuke88 said...

More interesting scenario is that something came out within Tesla about production of Model Y and Elon got annoyed. The real problem in that case is that he offered (public) advise based upon insider information, another no no...

If he did it for no explained reason, it becomes a fiduciary matter and the Feds have that covered by laws too.