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Saturday, May 23, 2020

How to Make Sure That You Never Have a Decent Job Again in Your Life; Covidiot Ed.

The Thompson & Knight law firm fired a Dallas-based administrative manager Friday after he allegedly posted a threat on social media against businesses with Covid-19 face mask requirements that had references to a handgun and hollow point-bullets.

Screenshots of the “no more masks” rant began appearing on Twitter Friday, with several users claiming it was authored by a Kevin Bain. Bain has worked since 2009 as the law firm’s document services manager, according to his Linkedin profile.
What kind of brain-dead -snowflake asshole does one have to be to issue an implicit public threat to shoot anyone making him wear a mask?

These days, anyone applying for a job better that slicing up carcasses in a slaughterhouse is going to be subject to at least a quick online "has this guy done something stupid" check. Issuing a vague threat to shoot people who piss one off is a great way to ensure that HR is going to say "we don't care how good you think he'll be, this one is a hard no."

One thing is probably certain: Asswipe is going to get a bunch of written notifications to stay the hell out of businesses in his area.



Nebris said...

"He studied business at Abilene Christian University.." Well, that explains a lot.

CenterPuke88 said...

Ghetto guards, ha! The store is in zip code 75219, average income a smidge below $120k. Massively (~90%) white collar, 54% male, over 65% bachelors degree or more. It’s a stones throw away from SMU and a couple of miles from the richest street in the area, and probably the state.

At ACU, the business program likely comprises repeating the Prayer of Jabez and lessons on networking through the Church of Christ. ACU requires 30 minutes of chapel a day (55 credits a semester), and he likely just got an MBA from their Addison Campus (North Dallas area).

Honestly, he’ll get a job with the Church of Christ somewhere because they take care of their own.

Comrade Misfit said...

Honestly, he’ll get a job with the Church of Christ somewhere because they take care of their own.

No kidding. I knew of a guy who did time for embezzlement. But because he was "saved" or some shit, he got a job as the bookkeeper for a church after he got out of the Graybar Hotel.

(Yes, he stole from them, too. They didn't prosecute.)