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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

A pair of F-106s:

The F-106 was the last dedicated interceptor flown by the Zoomies. the video shows two of them flying from Otis AFB, which has survived attempts to close it.


seafury said...

One of my favorites. On our annual vacations to Wisconsin dells, we'd stop in Madison. (Capital of Wisconsin) Dad was ex USAF and we'd somehow get through the gate at Truax field and park by the flight line and watch the darts do touch and goes. WIARNG is one of 2 guard units getting the F-35. Good on them.

Snowdog said...

I grew up around those, my dad worked on them his entire AF career, then after he retired first turned them then F-4s into drones.

Ex_ATC said...

I worked with them back in the '70's, as an enlisted weapons controller in NORAD at Malstrom AFB. We had f-4's in Minot. Great Falls and Grand Forks had F106's...with data-linc! Good times!