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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Your Tax Dollars at Work (Seriously)

If your local fire department needs a new ladder truck, plan on them spending a million bucks for it. Two firefighters can climb onto the end of it and then the truck will put them on top of a building in a minute.

The firefighters on the truck are wearing abut $7,000 worth of gear, between the turnout gear and the SCBA equipment.


Deadstick said...

High school classmate went to the University of the South, a small Episcopalian college in Sewanee, Tennessee, high up on the Cumberland Plateau -- i.e., the middle of nowhere. He was so bored he joined the volunteer fire department and got his kicks driving the ass end of the ladder truck on mountain roads.

CenterPuke88 said...

Don’t really begrudge a penny of that, as long as the department needs a ladder truck. Job is a cast iron bitch, and very necessary. My respect, ladies and gentlemen of the Fire Department.

w3ski said...

I live in a town with a population of about 700. We have our own FD and a State Fire Department station as well. Being that it is so wooded here and that people are genuinely stupid about outdoor burning, I am glad for each one of those firefighters.
I understand they need money to operate, but I am on a very fixed income and have nothing extra to give, now especially.
So, here we are with another proposal to raise property taxes to pay for fire services.
Fire departments should have a bigger priority in State Budgets, not individual "taxes".
Those million-dollar firefighting "tools" are like the Airforce's thousand-dollar bolts.

dinthebeast said...

Most firefighters kick holy ass. I watched the Oakland Fire Dept. guys stop a storage shed full of paint that had been set on fire by someone smoking crack from setting all five houses it was adjacent to ablaze, and even kept the cars parked across the chain link fence from it from being heavily damaged. I think one of them that couldn't be moved had some bubbles in the paint. They came down the path between houses at a dead run and had the shed collapsed in on itself in ten minutes, after which they turned their hoses on all of the surrounding structures, some of which were already smoking from the heat. We were a very poor neighborhood, and I was very impressed at the job they did for us.
I fought some forest fires when I was a kid, and it was the hardest work of any kind I ever did in my life, and I was just an extra on the USFS roster and wouldn't make a wart on a real firefighter's ass.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

0_0 said...

I did USN firefighter training.
Days of boredom interspersed with that? Well, yeah; I should've applied when younger (SFPD would try recruiting me while working my own City job at T.I.; they would've been disappointed by then).