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Friday, May 22, 2020

Goombye to the Little Crappy Ships, Eventually

The U.S. Navy has selected the design for its new FFG(X) frigate and explained why it is retiring four LCS ships early. The new frigate will be based on the Italian FREMM frigate. The American FREMM will be a modified version of the basic FREMM design and will be built by an American firm under license.
The Rumsfeldian DoD had three shipbuilding programs, the Ford class CVN, the Zumwalt class DDG and the LCS classes of whatevers.

All three programs have been gold-plated failures to a large extent.

The FFG(X) is going to be armed with a Bofors 57mm gun and Norwegian antiship missiles.

The first ship is planned to be in service in six years. I think we'll need them much sooner.

And yes, for the wingnuts, this is a decision out of the Trump Administration that I approve of. File this under "Acorn; Even a blind squirrel can sometimes find a".


CenterPuke88 said...

Damn, the best ship really won! The FREMM was always viewed as a concession to keep the EU/NATO quiet, but it was the best ship by a mile IMHO. Thank God a few competent people as still in a position to decide stuff. Of course, once Donnie’s friends get het up, this could change.

Comrade Misfit said...

Donnie may not know that the Italians won.

DTWND said...

Trump won’t notice the Italians won. He’s too busy with voter intimidation in the swing state of Michigan (Nevada too) threatening to withhold federal funds for sending out absentee ballot applications. His complaining about the absentee ballots will cause some to think that those ballots are illegal. Many of those will then not vote especially if the corona virus is still causing problems in November.

And wasn’t he impeached earlier this year for threatening to withhold federally approved funds to the Ukraine unless they claimed they would ‘investigate’ the Bidens? That was extortion directed at foreigners. This time, it’s directed at American citizens. Anyone wanna bet the Republicans/Conservatives make cricket sounds?