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Friday, May 8, 2020

Butt-Boy Barr Does Trump's Bidding

Of course Trump is happy that Barr does what he wants in dropping the Flynn case.

Thing is, it's not up to Barr. Flynn pled guilty to the charge. The judge will be the one to decide whether or not to vacate the conviction; the fact that Flynn pled guilty is going to weigh in that decision.

Funny how Trump blames Obama for things that happened wholly within the pendency of the Trump Administration. He can't take responsibility for a goddamned thing. Trump probably believes that Obama made Trump look up at the Sun during the 2017 solar eclipse.


w3ski said...

So you are saying that even though Barr obediently woofed and licked Donny's balls, we still have a chance to have Flynn serve time? I do hope that is what happens. It disgusts me daily that rethugs can do no wrong while running amock with our country.
The Law must matter. For all of us.

Comrade Misfit said...

Probably not. If the judge doesn't go along, Trump will pardon Flynn.

MarkS said...

At least if he's pardoned,he's still guilty.He may be subpoena'd and have to testify under oath without 5th amendment protection (due to double jeopardy)

Tod Germanica said...

So Flynn now gets a well paid gig with Fox. Who knew treason with our nation's foremost adversary could be so rewarding? US military officers with something to sell the Krimlin should contact Russian intel asap. With Putin's boy toy puppet as president* there is now no consequence to treason. That sweet sweet Russian turncoat swag. Don't wait until November. That might be too late.

CenterPuke88 said...

Makes me wonder, because the Soviets never had enough hard cash to pay well. The Russians have some dosh, but with the economic hit due to various events, their financials certainly aren’t that rosy. Perhaps Putin is bankrolling a private spy army, recruited with the FSB’s help?

dinthebeast said...

See, it's Obama's fault because he advised Fergus not to hire Flynn, so Fergus obviously had no other choice than to hire him.

-Doug in Sugar Pine