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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Trump Thinks That There Is an Epidemic of People Dying From Falling Down the Stairs

...the president recently said that he’d like a “review” of how the coronavirus deaths are counted and studied by the government, citing hypothetical cases in which a person has the virus but is killed by other unnatural means, such as falling down a flight of stairs.
Experts believe that the pandemic death toll has been underreported. But that doesn't sit well with Trump. Like the state of Georgia, Trump is trying to cook the books so that a lower number is reported. After all, cooking the books is what Trump has done all through his business life, to the point that it is a near-miracle that he hasn't done time for fraud.

Is it any wonder that he would apply similar methods to trying to make the pandemic look not as bad?

Grifters gotta grift.

1 comment:

B said...

And that is just colorado.

It is estimated (who does the estimating is things like these?) that over 30% of the "coronavirus deaths" are not true cases of death by coronavirus, but simply cases where Coronavirus was present in the blood at the time of death. Likely we will never know.

I do have a friend (a nurse) who works at a hospital intensive care ward in Gary,Indiana (one of the "hot spots" in Indiana) who has told me that anyone who tests positive, no matter why they died, is listed as a coronavirus death simply so the hospital gets the Federal monies that come for their care. I do not know if this is happening throughout the country, but it may be so.