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Monday, May 11, 2020

Once Upon a Time, When There Was a Global Crisis, the Americans Were in the Lead

Not any more, not since Dimwit Donnie became the president:
A global alliance responded to calls to fight the coronavirus pandemic on Monday, as world leaders pledged some $8 billion to develop vaccines and treatments to fight COVID-19. The cavalcade of donors did not include the U.S., which did not participate despite being a major contributor to global health initiatives.
Trump is also standing in the way of a UN call for a global ceasefire during the pandemic, because of the usual petty-ass Trumpian-grade grievances.

The world, and history, will long remember that when this global crisis arose, Trump rested on his bone spurs and abdicated America's position of leadership.


w3ski said...

The worst part is there are many that see him as doing a "good job". How can a once free people become so blind?

Stewart Dean said...

Look to the South. Scum the likes of McConnell have been running their con for 200 years and more, and the poor whites have never, ever wised up. Hate, fear and bogus entitlement never fails. Now that the Right and modern business practices have gutted the rest of America, Trump's selling the very same snake oil...and the fools are falling for it just as they do down South.