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Monday, May 25, 2020

Trump Administration Directs Hospital Aid to the Rich, Shafting Hospitals That Help Poor People

Some things never change. When there there is a pot of money for assisting entities, the Trump Administration always operates in Reverse Robin Hood Mode: Steal from the poor and give to the rich. With states restricting hospitals from performing elective surgery and other nonessential services, their revenue has shriveled. The Department of Health and Human Services has disbursed $72 billion in grants since April to hospitals and other health care providers through the bailout program, which was part of the CARES Act economic stimulus package. The department plans to eventually distribute more than $100 billion more.

So far, the riches are flowing in large part to hospitals that had already built up deep financial reserves to help them withstand an economic storm. Smaller, poorer hospitals are receiving tiny amounts of federal aid by comparison.
Providence Health Systems, a chain so rich that it has $12 billion in cash, got over half-a-billion in free money from the Trump Administration. The Trump Administration made sure that the business bailout fund went to large companies and handed out lavish tax breaks to the rich.

Everyone else, not so much.

This recession is shaping up like almost every one since 1980: The rich get richer while the middle class and blue-collar workers slide further down the pole. The kids who are coming into the workforce, now, will lose years out of their earning potentials that they will never make up.

Sooner or later, if this keeps up, there will be pitchforks.


dinthebeast said...

Many many hospitals in rural areas of states where the Republican governments refused to expand Medicaid were already hanging on by a thread, and lots were already closed before the pandemic hit.
So as the virus makes its way into Trump country, rural patients are streaming into the cities and helping to overwhelm the hospitals there and spreading the virus geographically while doing so.
For profit medicine is really showing it's weakness right now, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

He promised to drain the swamp, he did all the clear water is
gone only the muck that remains is his own.

Those that yammer about the shadow government, well here it is
in front of you and they are rich and insuring they get richer.
Its about the.

Remember, Soylent Green is people!


CenterPuke88 said...

Doug, you miss the advantages to Donnie. While his base may get sick and die, minorities are doing so at a greater rate, so it’s a net win for him. His diners are raking in the bucks too!

More fun is the thought that some of the 1% or 0.1% watched that video back then and though, “Picthforks...hummmm, buy hardware manufacturers, and maybe someone who makes torches too?”

On a related note, having looked at and watched the pictures and videos from this weekends parties, expect another spike!