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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Trump Wants You to Die of Alzheimer's. Especially If You're Black.

There is a strong link between PM2.5 exhaust particles and Alzheimer's. PM2.5 particles penetrate into the brain. People living in heavily-polluted areas have been found to have Alzheimer's-type brain lesions in their 30s.

Poor air quality has been linked to susceptibility to COVID-19. It's been shown that minorities are more affected by fine-articulate air pollution and are taking a hard hit from Covid-19. Areas where the air is bad are more likely to be populated by poor people.[1], [2]

Trump, of course, doesn't give a shit.
Disregarding an emerging scientific link between dirty air and Covid-19 death rates, the Trump administration declined on Tuesday to tighten a regulation on industrial soot emissions that came up for review ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrew R. Wheeler, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said his agency will not impose stricter controls on the tiny, lung-damaging industrial particles, known as PM 2.5, a regulatory action that has been in the works for months.
Foul the air, poison the water, contaminate the land, it's all good as long as some quick-buck artist can make his and then bugger out, leaving the locals to deal with the consequences.

The Party of Hoover might as well have "Irrumare Populum Pauperem" inscribed on their seal.
[1] Back in the day, when the tire factories were operating in Akron, the poor folk and the workers lived on the east side, the downwind side, of the factories. The rich lived upwind. While up in Cleveland, in the mid-1990s, the Cleveland Clinic proposed building a medical waste incinerator smack dab in the middle of the poorest neighborhoods of Cleveland (instead of, say, Chagrin Falls).
[2] "Cancer Alley, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, also has lots of minorities living there and bad pollution.

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