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Friday, May 29, 2020

President Karen Demands That the Government Protect His Easily-Bruised Ego From Twitter

President Donald Trump, the historically prolific tweeter of political barbs and blasts, threatened social media companies with new regulation or even shuttering on Wednesday after Twitter added fact checks to two of his tweets. He turned to his Twitter account — where else? — to tweet his threats.
Let's be clear on this: Twitter didn't censor Trump's tweets. All they did was fact-check two of them.

But President Karen is triggered, triggered, by anybody who has the temerity to point out that he lies. He thinks it's censorship.

It's nothing of the sort. The tweet is still there. Anybody can read it. It's just labeled for what it is: A motherfucking lie.

But President Karen can't have any of that.

(He's also flat out wrong.)


DTWND said...

Those that cite a violation of first amendment rights have probably never read it. Except for maybe having to memorize the first sentence of the Constitution way back when in junior high school history class.



Richard said...

That's an image. Maybe beginning to understand what this whole "karen" meme is about. Good grief. I wish we never heard of it. So disappointed.

bearsense said...

Always thought one of those First Amendment rights was the right to call bullshit !

Tod Germanica said...

The point is he's fighting, he's in the face of the libtards, the elitist coastal so-called educated and cultured 'leaders' that the trumpites hate and blame for their piss poor position in life. Trump is their champion because he's a whining victim looser just like them and everybody knows it.
And why shouldn't trump pull this lawsuit shit, sic Barr on 'em, encourage his simpleton base to exercise their 2nd amendment right? There is no down side I can see for trump. This will lose him no votes, though Susan Collins will clutch her pearls. Trump always threatens and bullys. Trump alway sues or threatens to sue. Trump always encourages his thugs to violence. That's what the GOP, now 100% trumpites, likes about trump. He's a selfish asshole with visions of violence, blaming his shithole life on others. Usually brown, black or female others. It's all their fault.
It's worked well for him his whole criminal life. Why change? He's been a major and minor crook his whole life and never once saw the inside of a jail. Because money and connections and graft and...forget it Jake, it New York City.
Trump will try anything. He's a rat in the corner. What does he have to lose, his honor, his reputation? His good name? The love and admiration of family and friends and cohorts? Trump never had any of that to start with.
And when the president* starts talking about bullets flying you can expect that to happen. But, heh, it's the USA, that happens anyway.

Eck! said...

Drumpf likely never read the constitutional amendments.

Seems the 1st is about people like him (aka a government or representative)
trying to quench dissension. Sorry Drumpf you can't do that.

Twitter can and should made to hold him to the same terms of service all
us others are stuck with. That's fair!

Like trespassing a publisher or "social media" gets to put up posted signs
and even decide who crosses it its not government!

However if he dicks with section 230 it may make it possible for people
sue him for his trash! Even in law the rule of unintended consequence


dinthebeast said...

The first amendment protects Twitter from the government, not Fergus from Twitter.
I don't see congress overturning 230, and that's what it would take.
He's the president, not the mob-boss he wishes he was, and that's just one more fact he doesn't want checked because his whole strategy, if one can call it that, is to get away with lying so as to avoid playing by the rules.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Glen Filthie said...

Hogwash, Comrade! Come now, are you honestly that weak, fragile and stupid - that you need your reading material filtered by a third party censor? What could the Orange Man possibly say that would frighten you so? And are you all so lame, that you can’t do your own fact checking?

Errrrr... forget I asked that second one!

Whatever. Trump could handle this better. We’re I him, I’d shutter the Twitter account and open one on an Alt Tech Platform like Gab. Twitters shares and profit margins are already diving, and his leaving - along with all his fans - could be fatal blow to a them. Gab does not censor and promotes free speech and compliments North American values nicely.

Finally - I have some interesting background reading for you on the subject of Karens that you might appreciate:

Try not to get too worked up, you guys. The people you want censorship from are not particularly good to their useful fools. I don’t think those Silicon Valley tech billionaires are your friends... but make your mistake I guess. We’re all adults.

Right, Gertrude?😆👍

Have a great weekend!

todgermanica said...

The white part of North America values? If your Dear Leader can't take fact checking he should stick to emails, he's old enough for that.
He ain't censored anyway, his twits are visible I understand.
One lie of 46,654 gets checked as bullshit and your prom gueen goes full Heathers. Like, twitter is so mean and so unfair.

Comrade Misfit said...

I didn't say that I wanted censorship, Herr Filthie. I pointed out the fragile ego of a man who can't tolerate being called out for his lies.

In other words, don't be an ass. But there's little chance of that advice taking hold.

DTWND said...

Mr. (term used loosely) Misogynist speaks again, showing his ignorance and inability to understand the discussion being presented. A tough talking Wannabe American feels the need to type his diatribe on a internet blog where he can hide behind an avatar and an alias. Such a ‘brave’ man-child.


CenterPuke88 said...

Dale, the funniest thing is he (Fergus and Glennie) thinks a small label is censorship.

Comrade, I’m starting to suspect Glen is really a wannabe Glenda and simply hates on anything that reminds him of those repressed feelings. Some really good studies on shame and the behavior of individuals trying to repress feelings generating intolerable internal shame that exhibits as profoundly divergent viewpoints from their natural beliefs.

Ten Bears said...

"...compliments North American values nicely..."

Every now and then even blind dogs find an egg.

Eck! said...

Nothing censored. His words are there unaltered. He can move to another
platform save for its likely technically over his head.

Make a claim of falsehood and you end up just like hair furor the chronic liar.

The only one weak fragile or stupid is well anyone like hair furor. His words
are lies nearly 20,000 of them, tiring, inciting to action he'd never take,
inflammatory, misogynistic, a defamer, libeler, and often outright abusive.
All round general piece of work.

Sounds like you GF, save for its all meant for the idiot in chief.

Ta, bitch.


Glen Filthie said...

Ummmmm… from where I sit, the worst lies I am seeing are coming from your side, Comrade. Like Obamagate, the General Flynn scandal, the Russian Collusion hoax, the pandemic hoax... I'm sorry, Comrade, but that kind of stuff is sedition and treason; necks should be stretched for some of the individuals involved.

Likewise, you are lying about this. Trump is not having a hissy fit, he is taking on the tech giants of silicon valley and if they push him - he'll win. All Trump is demanding is that his enemies at Twit define themselves: are they publishers, who can control and censor their content... or are they public service providers. Twit acts like both when it suits them and that is illegal - especially when you are harassing a sitting president and censoring average citizens. If the Twits decide they are publishers, they must censor ALL their content for anything the least bit offensive - and Trump and his fans will have a ball with you and yours. If they decide (rightfully) that they are public service providers... the Twits will have to grow up and tolerate opinions they don't like.

Even with your politics... you should support him in this rather than oppose him. But, that requires maturity and objectivity...

Glen Filthie said...

And... that brings on another very good legal question, Eck. Are the fake fact checks a form of censorship? I think the other one was that certain left wing celebs can partially pick and choose the users that are allowed to respond to them?

In a public space you cannot do that. If you are at the park and I am up on the soap box, you can keep walking, or stop and listen... but you can't deprive me of my right to speak. If we are at a private function where only attendees are allowed - you have the right to give me the bum's rush out the door.

On Gab, if I am annoying you with facts and reason you can mute me and I have no choice but to hit the road. I can do the same to you and we are all on the same playing field. Honest Americans WANT a level playing field... and Twit is moving the goal posts.

Interestingly, a lot of average Americans are cluing into this and are leaving Twit in droves. Torba over at Gab says his numbers are exploding with new users. I don't think he'd have the bandwidth to absorb Trump and all his fans... but that could be easily fixed.

This is fascinating stuff, and too important to get hung up on partisan politics.

Pete said...

So Glen, when were you planning to start annoying us with facts and reason?


Comrade Misfit said...

As far as I know, nobody has a 1A right to post on Twitter. Twitter is not a government-run platform. Twitter is not a public space. It is a private corporation. As the platform, Twitter has a 1A right, not its users.

Censorship is something that conservatives love, except when it touches their opinions.

Comrade Misfit said...

Also, as we've seen in mail-in voting, Trump wants to have rights that he would deny to everyone else.

CenterPuke88 said...

Dearest Glen, the Republican Party fought like hell to dismantle the fairness doctrine, so the result of that action is what we have today. Kinda like what’s about to happen after Donnie shits the bed in November and the R’s start facing the reality of what killing the old rules for confirming judges means when they are out of power.

Comrade Misfit said...

Also: Flynn pled guilty. Twice.

Eck! said...

>> Eck. Are the fake fact checks a form of censorship? <<

Hard no. Its not fake either. Oh right, in your world
if it doesn't agree with your world view its fake. That is
a form of lie called a cancel, that comes out cancel culture.
Exactly what your trying to pull. Lies are verifiable
as are fakes.

So far you called it censorship, his words are there
unaltered. That shit doesn't stick. Then you tried a
cancel and well it does stick some, please wipe your
hands it shows. The wall not so much.

Currently papers and other sites already do fact checks on
him. Calling his lies Pinocchios is the same. Haven't
heard hair furor say much about that.

If anything If I posted any crap like that on the twit I'd
be punted off. Just like a red card for being an ass.
That's censoring you according to your latest screed.
Save for there is such thing as community values. Be a
vexing ass and guess what, punt, RAAHH, between the bars!

As to Gab it is until it isn't. Wouldn't be the first or last.
When you been on line as long as me you've seen it at least
thrice. Every one has "community values" stay between the
lines with any your allowed, push the powers that be they
will inform you, and if you persist, then punt you. Nothing
changed in the last 40+ years.


DTWND said...

What does a Canadian know about how Americans feel anyway?


Glen Filthie said...

You may be right Comrade. So, if Twit is a private company that’s fine. The problem now is that you can’t pick and choose which customers you are going to harass based on their politics. Remember the Christian baker that was forced to bake the cake for the queers? Well, that one will probably come back to bite you on the arse here. So, if they remove offensive posters and content that bother you... they have to do it for me too. They would be ruined, as all their profits would be consumed in reffing idiotic squabbles between their customers. Them saying that they won’t serve conservatives is like a business owner saying he won’t serve blacks, queers or Jews.

Also problematic is that citizens that get deplatformed on Twit often get deplatformed on YouTube and Bookface, usually without posting anything offensive. The big tech giants are in cahoots and things get spicey when utilities like PayPal join in. I’m sorry, when banking gets drawn into this - yeah I damned well DO want some oversight for those cretins.

And - a small point of order: please dispense with you slovenly reasoning! Censorship is primarily a tool of the left. This instance is a case in point; it’s you and yours trying to deny the POTUS a voice, and it’s you that’s arguing that hIs 1A rights cannot be invoked to defend against accusations, most of which are false. Who’s the Karen, again?

I am conservative and I’d argue that Twit and Bookface are most certainly public spaces. For the record, I don’t want those spaces dominated by either Trump or the liberal flimps in Silicon Valley. But my opinion is largely irrelevant; I consider Twitter and Facebook to be moron enclaves for the most part.

Dark Avenger said...

problem now is that you can’t pick and choose which customers you are going to harass based on their politics.

If they violate the TOS which one agrees to when signing up for it, certainly. Freedom ain’t free!

Eck! said...

GF>> So, if Twit is a private company that’s fine.

Either you accept a fact or you don't.

GF>> yeah I damned well DO want some oversight for those cretins.

That makes you a lefty socialist.

So what is it you want rad right or mad left?
Or is it something to troll with.

No matter what its impossible to argue with an irrational person.


CenterPuke88 said...

Censorship is a tool of the left? Really, tell that to all the librarians who constantly get demands that books be banned because they violate Christian views, don’t reflect a nuclear family, etc. The demands that Twitter cannot put up a label amount to censorship too, and that’s the right demanding it again. Glennie, sweetie, you are really gonna have to start a chart to track what lies and bullshit you are spreading where because now your own multiple posts contradict each other within the same string of posts. It used to just happen between different strings, but now your hatred and rage is blinding you to your own inconsistencies and errors. Must have been a bad week at work, eh?

Glen Filthie said...

Perhaps you do need a chart, Puke, because you are mixing your issues. If you are referring to the Christians that refuse to let their Elementary school children be indoctrinated with homosexual sex ed... taught by sexual degenerates and outright pedos... that is a matter of morals and ethics and faith - all protected by your Constitution. Further, it’s simply a matter of them protecting their kids. You have a right to free speech, you do not have the right to indoctrinate kids. Further, we won’t speak about how leftists had the bible thrown out of public schools. I’ve actually read that thing and studied it and there isn’t one thing wrong with it. The voices in it shaped western civilization and it is worth the effort of teaching it on that basis alone. It’s a pity that leftists have turned our schools into moron factories. At some point we will have to take them back.

Dark Avenger said...

As long as as math is a subject in school, there will always be school prayers.