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Friday, May 22, 2020


It appears that I'm not the only one who noticed that both Trump and his Band of Flying Monkeys became less interested in preventing the spread of the coronavirus once it became apparent that it has been having a disproportionate impact on minority communities.
“Not our problem” is an undercurrent in the largely white reopen-America protests popping up daily around the country. “Not our problem” is the undercurrent when people refuse to wear masks in public. And “not our problem” is the conclusion one cannot help but draw when one studies the calendar and sees that the protests commenced around the same time that the data on racial disparities became a central story line in covid-19 news coverage.
The Party of Trump might as well adopt pointy white hats as their official headgear.


Eck! said...

It would seem his trumpets should be better protected
as its hard to vote when dead (save for Chicago).

However that requires forethought and planning,
and we haven't seen any evidence of that.


B said...
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B said...

One might think that it is both the behavior and the medical health of the "minorities" that is causing the issues:

Large groups partying together don't do much for preventing the spread....and then they bring it home to Mama or Grandma.

Add in a higher obesity rate, and a higher rate of diabetes (mostly caused by the obesity) both of which are MAJOR factors for death with Covid-19 and yes, it is no surprise that they are "affected dis-proportionaly".

But it is, of course, no matter what, the fault of the Orange Man.

Dark Avenger said...

The buck stops where, B?

B said...

With people taking care of their health? Obesity and the associated diabetes are common in folks who get Free Shit from the Federal and State handouts. (all races, mind you). But black folks have a higher rate of both. Yet lots don't 'cause they don't wanna be fat.

Choosing to mingle in larger groups is another CHOICE that they make.

So the buck stops at the individual.