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Saturday, May 9, 2020

GA Shooting (UPDATED)

This statement by the director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is interesting:
When asked what his department saw in the case file that local authorities might have missed, Reynolds said, "I can't answer what another agency did or didn't see."

"But I can tell you that based on our involvement in this case, considering the fact that we hit the ground running Wednesday morning, within 36 hours we had secured warrants for two individuals for felony murder. I think that speaks volumes for itself and that the probable cause was clear to our agents pretty quickly."
It's clear that the evidence that the local cops had already gathered was enough for the GBI to say "let's go arrest those guys" without having to do further work.

Now it has come to light that the local cops were of the same opinion right from the start. But that the perps were protected by the local DA.
Two Glynn County commissioners say District Attorney Jackie Johnson’s office refused to allow the Glynn County Police Department to make arrests immediately after the Feb. 23 shooting death of Ahmaud Abery. ... “The police at the scene went to her, saying they were ready to arrest both of them. These were the police at the scene who had done the investigation,” Commissioner Allen Booker, who has spoken with Glynn County police, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “She shut them down to protect her friend McMichael.”
Sounds to me as though when they say that more arrests may be forthcoming, well, you reach your own conclusion.

UPDATED to add: The local cops are, to be charitable, problematic.

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