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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Buffets Are Right Out!

What a Japanese TV network did was have a guy rub his hands with invisible flourescent dye, then he ate at a buffet with a bunch of other volunteers (all of whom wore protective eyewear). After thirty minutes, they switched off the lights and illuminated the place with a blacck light:

I think I'll pass on going to buffets unless I have full hazmat gear and possibly a flamethrower.


Anonymous said...

I avoided buffets well before the coronavirus because I always felt they were too overpriced since I don't like stuffing myself to get my money's worth, the food is usually crap, and the disgusting habits of sub-human creatures feeding themselves. My only exception to buffets is a catered affair, especially one with servers, and I only go through the line once.

Hope you and yours are well, Comrade.

JustMusing said...

One man's buffet is another man's garbage pit (in the best of times). It pains me grievously to think of all the restaurants now opening as Covid-19 will get to enjoy the human banquet. Let's see what's for dessert; my, my don't Grandma and Grandpa look delicious!

0_0 said...

Reminds me of this story:

Glen Filthie said...


Now, do the same thing again at Costco, Walmart, and the big box stores. Do it at the grocery stores. Now you see why your fake lockdowns won’t work. If COVID19 actually WAS a virulent pandemic and not just the flu... your fake lockdowns wouldn’t do a thing to stop it. Remember children, this bug is airborne too.

For bonus marks, do this same experiment on the beaches, on the nature and jogging trails and in the remote camping sites.

But don’t let me stop you! Hypochondria is a hobby for some, as are most of the other female neurotic behaviours. I’d hate to ruin your fun.

Comrade Misfit said...

Absolutists are serious idiots. There aren't buffets at Costco, etc. People aren't touching things on jogging trails.

I feel sorry for you, Glen. Rational thought is apparently very difficult for some. (Don't they have good school systems in Canada?)

Consuming right-wing propaganda might be fun for some, but it does rot one's brain.

Comrade Misfit said...

0_0, it's too bad that blogger gave it up so quickly.

Dark Avenger said...

Your inability to show some rationality in your comments demonstrates RW neuroticisms, M. Filthie. See how that works?

Ten Bears said...

Bingo. I'll be passing this on to the proper authorities.

Canadians don't enjoy the degree of free speech as we.

In particular foreign propagandists.

I LOVE hunting trolls!

CenterPuke88 said...

“If COVID19 actually WAS a virulent pandemic and not just the flu... your fake lockdowns wouldn’t do a thing to stop it.”

OK, let’s parse this gem. So, first problem is the flu IS generally pandemic most years. Remember (sexist, homophobic morons) that pandemic means global.

Next, we are on to “fake lockdown”. So, what is fake about the lockdown? It’s actually not happening, because it most certainly’s being done for no reason, it most certainly isn’’s part of a plot to establish Gubinment control over the people, that’s funny’s because it’s being run by the same Reich wingers that suggest that’s what Obama was doing.

“Remember children, this big is airborne too.”

Whoops, the lockdown and pandemic are fake, that’s what you said. However, here you suggest the bug IS real and dangerous.

“Hypochondria...female neurotic behaviors”

I guess psychiatric studies are fake news too, as hypochondria afflicts both sexes at an equal rate. The phrase “female neurotic behaviors” is a fun one, as it reminds us that Glen is at best Victorian in his outlook. It gives us much insight into the familial dysfunction that generated Glen’s misogyny and hatred for anyone that doesn’t believe the man is the be all and end all authority in a family unit.

Glen probably spends his days watching shooting videos, cursing a fate that left him in a relatively progressive country that has done a good job of arresting COVID-19, but that stops him from owning some uber powerful machine gun with which he could settle his grievances. Instead, he fervently wishes for a way to become American and own such weaponry, and thus idealizes Donnie and Faux News. So instead, Glen sits behind his keyboard, and spews his venom at those nasty women (oh, how hearing Donnie use that word excites him) that have deprived him of his birthright, a subservient family unit that worships him.

Glen Filthie said...

LOL. Right over your head. All of it. I'm not surprised.

Are you the pot or the kettle in this absolutist, thingy, Comrade? I'm just asking because whenever you say anything stupid, you immediately link to some idiot in the mass media with an even lesser understanding of the issue than yourself. Absolutist indeed, HAR HAR HAR!!!

It's one of the reasons why you will be so easy to defeat when this culture war goes hot, as it surely must. Besides the sexual and moral degeneracy, the intellectual dishonesty, and the failure of your awful women... your side lacks the ability to think critically.

I'm pretty sure they taught everything you need to know about virulent pandemics and exponential propagation in high school. If not then - certainly in the basic college courses.

Whatever, enjoy your day in lockdown, bitches. As for me, I am off to do some volunteer work at the club.

Have a great Hump Day!

Comrade Misfit said...

We have guns, too, Herr Filthie.

The last time your ilk started a war, it didn't end well for you.

You may wish to factor that into your masturbatory fantasies.

CenterPuke88 said...

Hummmm, first time Herr Filth has responded after an initial post, looks like we hit a nerve. So off to the YMCA goes Herr Filthy, it writes itself.

DTWND said...

Filth's club is the local chapter of Incel. Of course, with the vitriol he spews its no wonder.


Comrade Misfit said...

Incels are men who use their personalities as birth-control devices.

CenterPuke88 said...

Naughty, naughty, Comrade. Remember the first online incel forum was run by a woman, for both sexes.

0_0 said...

Comrade, I recall he had maybe a two year run, then a coworker, for a laugh, faked him into thinking he was being investigated or something so he took it down.

Apparently he reposted everything over several days from March to April, 2010.

I do miss his and Bubblehead's blogs.