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Friday, May 22, 2020

TrumpBux Gun

I have a bad habit of putting in bids on Gun Broker. Almost all of the time, somebody comes in and bids higher. A few times, I've been relieved as I had let auction fever get away with me and someone else won the gun.

I dropped what I thought was a low bid on a 1911 that had been rebuilt with some upgraded parts. And I won it.

In this time of coronavirus, I don't have access to a range to shoot it. The gun is in good shape, I lubed it up. I settled, for now, to inserting empty mags and racking the slide back to see if it locked on everything. It did.

If all goes well, I'm mulling over stripping the bluing from the slide and Parkerizing it to match the frame.

1 comment:

Stewart Dean said...

TrumpBux...I got direct deposit, but just so I'd know who Papa Sugar was, I also received a letter in the mail that tole that it was our prizident who put it there. Came with a genuwine imitation DJT faximile siggynature at the bottom, suitable for framing. Lucky me. Never got a prizidentshul autograph before.