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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Meatpackers are Inferior People

[Wisconsin] Chief Justice Patience Roggensack ...appeared to downplay a flare-up of coronavirus cases at a major meatpacking facility in Brown County.

"(The surge) was due to the meatpacking — that's where Brown County got the flare," Roggensack said. "It wasn't just the regular folks in Brown County."
Reeally, Judge? The people who process and pack the pork, chicken and beef that you scarf down are not "regular folks"? Probably not to you, for they do hard work with their hands with little to no protective equipment against the virus. You know, unlike you or anyone you probably have known in your fucking life.

"Not regular folks"... meatpackers, field hands. Which is pretty ironic, since the name of the state's NFL team is the Green Back Packers, as in meatpackers.


Stewart Dean said...

That image is a golden BB, the one round that sinks a battleship. But only in a world with justice and intelligence. This world is suffering from Dunning-Kruger and doesn't realize how stupid it is, how unChristian the Christians are, how destructive the Republicans are to the Republic.

cannon said...

son of a meat packer, worked in a packing plant for a few years, so have first hand knowledge.
these plants are known for hiring migrants...many of them illegals. these folks do everything they can to save as much of their paycheck to send back home...... including living 15 in a 40 foot single wide trailer(seen it} and getting to work with 9 riders in a mini van(seen that too).
so my question is... is it the meat packing plant's fault for the out break, or is the out break a result of the living/transportation conditions of muich of the staff?? has the media bothered to look into how the "victums" live, or are they afraid of exposin g an illegal worker or two??

Ten Bears said...

We all - well, you all - would be a lot healthier, hence happier, if you ate less meat.

The Earth too.

seafury said...

Here in WisCONsin there's talk of recalling Governor Evers and wait for it.....bringing back Scott Walker.

dinthebeast said...

There's an outbreak in a meatpacking plant south of Fresno that is the closest actual outbreak to us. It's not as bad as the ones in South Dakota, Nebraska, or Iowa, but it doesn't have to be to kill us, really.
I seem to remember a book about meatpacking abuses, what was it called? Oh yeah, "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.
Seems like we haven't learned much since 1906, or we would have done something to improve the petri dish conditions that are fueling the outbreaks in the more rural areas that should have been safer because of lower population density.
Oh well, we'll learn one way or another.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

CenterPuke88 said...

cannon, well the plant hired people without a legal right to work, and based upon many raids and reports, they helped the laborers they hired gin up sufficiently appropriate documents to pass the initial Federal checks. So, are you asking why the media isn’t looking into the illegal behavior of the meatpacking industry, or are you willing to give the industry a pass to press some agenda?

When the industry is unwilling to pay a fair wage, they have to resort to hiring those willing to work for lower pay (illegals and the impoverished), and of those two, the illegals are less likely to complain about safety issues and pay issues. Cheap meat comes at a terrible price.