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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Trump's Tax Cut and the AWB

If the effects of Trump's Tax Cut for the Billionaires is as bad as many say, the blowback at the polls could be enormous.

If that happens, then expect an assault weapons ban to follow shortly thereafter. And I will wager that it won't be a simple "you can't make these any more" thing, it'll be closer to a `34 National Firearms Act law, with bans on making magazines over 10 rounds, if not outlawing the drum-style ones.

So if you're a Republican and a gun owner, you might want to think about whether you are more interested in protecting the ability of the plutocrats to get even richer or protecting your gun rights. For you may not get to choose "both".


Anonymous said...

One could turn that around:

Are you willing to protect the plutocrats just to save**your**gun rights??

You make it.seem like it is only the republicans that have to make that choice.

CenterPuke88 said...

No, the simple fact is Democrats have a strong base that would approve that action. So a tax cut that causes a housing recession, raises taxes on everyone by 2023 and destroys graduate education is likely to increase D votes at the cost of R votes. The nasty part of the tax cut (for R’s) is it will help D’s a little in 2018 and massively in 2020 as the results come into focus.

Anonymous said...

Not if all the gun owning.democrats made owni g guns a priority over the socialist policies of the DNC.

See,y'all have to make choices too. You can have socialism, or freedom. But you can't vote for yourParty and have freedoms to own your firearm of choice.

It workw both ways.

CenterPuke88 said...

You really don't understand the simple facts of demographics. The NRA is lying to your face about a number of things on guns, the most pressing being a slow demographic trend toward urban populations, who are also much less gun friendly. The overall population doesn't see an assault weapons ban as a "bad" thing, so when it is proposed, in response to the latest asswipe event, to a Democrat Congress, they'll pass it.

As for suggesting that you have the freedom to own the firearm of your choice currently, just try.

Deadstick said...

At least Moore has his precious little pimp pistol...

dinthebeast said...

I'm a Democrat, not just a Democrat but a Bay Area Democrat, and I can get any firearm I might take a fancy to within a day if I have the cash, up to and including an M60 with extra barrels. I seriously doubt that will change with an AWB, as it didn't the last time.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Doug, damn straight you can get it, but just try keeping it if anyone knows you have it without a shitload of permits and permissions.