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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Baghdad Bob" in Pearls

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was sent out to deny that Trump called the justice system "a joke and a laughingstock".

The woman has some balls to go on the record and deny that Trump said what he said when the cameras were rolling.

Trump might think the Federal justice system is a joke. Bet that opinion isn't shared by those under Mueller's microscope.

What Trump clearly wants to do is to have to power to unleash death squads. He is a wannabee-authoritarian. Those on the Right, those who consider themselves patriots, should be ashamed of him. If they aren't then they are complicit in Trump's offenses against the rule of law.


Nangleator said...

I took that "DO SOMETHING!" as a desperate plea for assassination or terrorism or civil war.

dinthebeast said...

Meanwhile things have gone screwy at Guantanamo and a Brigadier General is in the can for 21 days, while a lower ranking judge is demanding that three attorneys who are no longer in Cuba return and represent a suspect who has been in custody for fifteen years, the first four of which were at CIA sites where he was extensively tortured.

And Fergus wants to send the Manhattan truck asswipe there because he thinks our judicial system is a joke and a laughingstock.

-Doug in Oakland