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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hate Loses in Hoboken

Hoboken elected its first Sikh mayor on Tuesday night, days after a flyer branded him as a “terrorist.”

Ravinder Bhalla, a councilman born and raised in New Jersey, defeated five other candidates to take the place of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who announced she would step down after two terms.
Those who think that Sikhs are connected to terrorism have to be dumber than Donald Trump. Or his son, Eric.

The Hoboken cops are treating distributing the flyers as a possible bias crime. I tend to think that the First Amendment is going to have a say on that.

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Nangleator said...

I'm trying to picture what people think a terrorist mayor of Hoboken would do, exactly, at the controls of the juggernaut that is Hoboken.

Perhaps he would pilot a program of ill-advised traffic signs around town, and wait for the fireworks? Perhaps he will cut funding to fill in potholes in an effort to murder everyone in town? It might work if the potholes become so deep that they expose magma...