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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Doing the Bidding of the Terrorists

President* Donald Trump said Wednesday that he wants Congress to end the visa program that reportedly allowed the driver involved in Tuesday’s New York City attack to enter the country legally, and he blamed Democratic leaders for the program's existence.

"Diversity lottery. Sounds nice. It's not nice. It's not good. It's not good. It hasn't been good, and we've been against it,” the president said in remarks at the start of a cabinet meeting at the White House. “We need strength. We need resolve. We have to stop it. We need to get rid of this lottery program as soon as possible. He came in through the diversity program, as you know, and we're going to stop it. We're going to as quickly as possible get rid of chain migration and go to a merit-based system."
What the terrorists want us to force us to do stupid shit. When a mouth-breathing moron like Trump proposes cutting off avenues for emigration to the U.S., that enables the terrorists to say "see, brothers, they really are at war with all of the faithful."

Trump, of course, ever passes up an opportunity to divide people and insult his perceived opponents. He has no concept of the presidential role of being a force for unity and a consoler. No, he'd rather spit in your face, shiv you in the back and then dance on your grave. That's the way he has been since his first job of making sure black people didn't live in his daddy'd rental properties. He's never changed.[1]

The not-very-funny thing is that when a Nazi drives a car into a crowd of people or another Nazi goes into a church and shoots several black people to death, neither one of those Nazis is labeled a "terrorist".[2] The Asswipe of Charleston openly stated that he was hoping that his killing black people would spark a race war. The Nazi who drove around shooting people-- not a terrorist. The Nazi who killed people outside of a JCC in Kansas City-- not a terrorist. The Nazi who bombed the Atlanta Olympic Park-- not a terrorist. The Nazis who blew up the Murrah Federal Building, killing 169 people-- not terrorists.

A Nazi drives a car into a crowd of people...Trump has to wait for all of the facts and then praises the "good people" on the side of the Nazis. A Muslim drives a truck into a crowd of people...Trump calls for immediate changes to a green card program, because all immigrants are bad people. White guy uses a gizmo to effectively turn his rifles into machine guns and kills nearly sixty people...Trump is silent. Muslim kills over fifty people in a nightclub...Trump calls for banning all Muslims from coming to the U.S.

Do you see a pattern?

The terrorist groups, al Qaeda, ISIS/Daesh, all proclaim to their followers that "America is at war with Islam". Their chief propagandist in this is Donald J. Trump. The last two presidents were smart enough (or well-advised enough) not to fall into that trap. George W. Bush, in particular, continually reached out to American Muslims in order to counter the terrorist propaganda. Trump, on the other hand, parrots terrorist propaganda.

Trump is an unwitting tool of the terrorists. He is mentally and tempermentally unfit for his job.
[1] Melania Trump's anti-bulling initiative is ironic as all fuck, considering that she's married to the Bullying Asshole in Chief.
[2] Some of those Nazis are "good people, according to Trump.


CenterPuke88 said...

Even more fun is the President saying "death penalty", "kill him". Prejudices the jury, lengthens the trial, stupid, SAD! The reality is the asswipe in NY WANTS to die...I say life in Federal Max.

Adrian Demarais said...

Ideally, in a women's prison (suitably separated when necessary), so he could have that 'paradise' he was so eager to go to. Who knows? He might even manage to avoid getting beaten up by the inmates.

B said...

You say they weren't terrorists. I say they were. They just were terrorists using a different reason.
I know decent, hardworking really nice folks who are Muslims. I'd welcome them if they moved next door to me.

That doesn't change the issue: That young men of the Muslim faith are somehow poisoned by their religion into thinking that their actions are OK. And a higher percentage of them than the rest of the population as a whole harm others not of their faith/religion/social values.

Does this mean we should ban all Muslims? Not as I see it. It does mean, perhaps, that we vet them in some way. Special scrutiny? Profiling? Yes. One fishes where there are more likely to be fish.

A better method, perhaps, is to find out how/why these folks get Sudden Jihadi Syndrome and remove that influence.

dinthebeast said...

What CP88 said. See also the leniency afforded to Bowe Bergdahl for the same reason.
Whatever you think of Mr. Bergdahl, it's a matter of record that Fergus' continual call for his execution before and after his inauguration was seen as prejudicial and was factored into their decision.
Sadly for Fergus, because of his verbal malfunction it is far less likely that the Manhattan Truck asswipe will ever be executed.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

B., I assume you also have a black friend?

Comrade Misfit said...

Missed the point, B. I wasn't saying that the Muslim guys aren't terrorists. I'm questioning why the white dudes are not so labeled.

B said...

CP: Nope, I know a lot of folks with more melanin than I, but can't say they are friends.

B said...

Comrade: I wonder why they aren't "terrorists" also. I thought McVeigh was tried as a terrorist, but it didn't matter, he was a multiple murderer and (supposedly) executed for it. The others? I dunno.

Murder is murder, really, no matter the reason.

3383 said...

Basques terrorists wanted a separate Basque nation.

The IRA wanted to convince the British that holding Northern Ireland wasn't worth the trouble.

Muslim terror is to make the USA/ West stop supporting Israel and because we stationed troops in Saudi Arabia, which contains Mecca. And sometimes to attempt forcing prisoner releases.

It used to be, at least. Have they forgotten and just continue from inertia or hate?

Nazis/ neo-nazis aren't trying to achieve political goals, they appear to want to murder people they hate. They should be easier to infiltrate; I an sure we have some white English speakers in the FBI.