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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trump Re-Filling the Swamp With Toxic Waste

A proposal by Energy Secretary Rick Perry to alter the nation's electricity markets would provide a windfall for a small group of companies — most strikingly one owned by coal magnate Bob Murray, a prominent backer of President Donald Trump.

Perry's plan would force consumers to subsidize ailing coal-fired and nuclear power plants with billions of dollars, in what he calls an effort to ensure that the nation’s power network can withstand threats like terrorist attacks or severe weather. But his narrowly written proposal would mostly affect plants in a stretch of the Midwest and Northeast where Murray's mining company, Murray Energy, is the predominant supplier, according to a POLITICO analysis of Energy Department data.
Because all of those Republicans can't resist the urge to suck on the public teat when they can.

This, folks, is nothing more than another disguised variant of Corporate Welfare. The very same folks who decried bailing out the auto industry are, no doubt, as mum as clams on this.


dinthebeast said...

In Fergus' Soviet Amerikkka, the swamp drains you.

-Doug in Oakland

w3ski said...

All this would be paid for by a 'tax' on power bills across the entire Nation. Bad enough, until you read where in the event of wet weather the coal stockpiled would be too wet to use.
The other side is the "chance" of power running out for "lack of fuel" is on the order of Point oh oh oh 7.
This is entirely a hand job for his Rich Coal Buddy.
Unbelievable what this nitwit is proposing here.
Angry, hell Yes.