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Monday, November 13, 2017

Anyone Think That This is Unusual?-- Bay State Ed.

The Superintendent of the Massachusetts Staties ordered a trooper to edit an arrest report. The arrest report was of the daughter of a district court judge. A ding letter was placed in the trooper's personnel file and the one for his immediate supervisor, for not editing the report himself.

The trooper sued. So did another trooper, whose report was ordered edited. The story went public. And the uperintendent "resigned", no doubt to go spend more time with his family (or his fish pole).

I submit that this sort of shit goes on almost everywhere. If Jane Nafka, a garden variety heroin addict, had offered sex in order to get out of a traffic beef, chances are they'd have also cited her for attempted bribery and solicitation of a sex act. But things are different for the kids of the powerful.


Nangleator said...

I was only surprised this story got far enough along for me to see. I assume this stuff happens every week, except for the guilty conscience(s). This is what faith I have in "law and order."

dinthebeast said...

That's been my experience. I grew up in Eureka, which had about 25K people in it then, and my mom was a legal secretary for criminal defense attorneys. I'm not gonna name the judge, but I knew people who got out of low-level beefs because their daddies had enough money to bribe, I mean donate to his campaign fund.
And then there were the kids of the well-to-do who just didn't seem to get any jail time for their shenanigans, while the rest of us had to watch where we went to smoke a joint.

-Doug in Oakland

Borepatch said...

And the Staties are the ones who decide on whether concealed carry permits are issued in Massachusetts. But it's all above board. 100% trustworthy. Not like the rich and connected get permits while the rest of the state gets screwed ...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

SO the trick is, if you make em edit it, don't give em a reprimand too. All stick, no carrot.

B said...

And that is the reason Jared Laughner wasn't flagged....SO he was able to buy the gun he killed 6 people with, and shot Gabby Giffords in the head....Momma worked for the Po-Po so he never got the flag 'cause all his crimes were set to misdemeanors instead of felonies.

3383 said...

I read this last week (turtle sports was linked by Althouse, iirc) and was amazed. Now I'm wondering why masslive felt the need to name the blogger.

My mom was friends with the judge and county clerk in the backwoods. It helped with one traffic ticket and my car registration, but it didn't help my dirtbag uncle (drugs, drugs, and other stuff, oh and drugs. Not weed).

In Cali, it is sheriffs who approve CCW. In most populated counties you have to be a pal of the shurf. Mine is even more lame; he gives the local police chief a veto.

Reprimanding officers who do their job is just asking for it.

Comrade Misfit said...

3383, I tried to go to the turtle sports website and my computer started sounding off about viruses and firewall breach attempts.

Nothing seemed to get through, but I'd stay away from there.

3383 said...

Sorry, Comrade. I've been using Firefox, NoScript, and AdBlock Plus for so long I don't even notice that stuff anymore.