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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Air Bags

There was a car-truck accident outside of my sister's home recently. She called 911 and then ran outside and opened the driver's door to check on the driver. The driver, a teenager, was unconscious. My sister talked to the driver as the driver came out of it, in order to keep the driver calm. (My niece had a bad concussion several years ago, so my sister has some knowledge as to these things.)

As the paramedics were loading the driver up for transport to the ER, my sister became aware that she had breathed in the dust from the air bags' deployment. She could feel it in her lungs and it was also on her face and hands. She asked the paramedics about it and was told that "yep, we all get hit with that stuff, the feeling passes."

Short-term problems with breathing in airbag dust are known.

But I wonder if we're going to see an increase in the rates of lung cancers in first responders as time goes by.


w3ski said...

Air bags can be fun, if you aren't behind one. At the GM dealership we had to discharge any airbags sent in for warranty. Damn things lift about 6 feet high when they blow unrestrained. Quite the blast and quite a dust cloud too.
I understand they do save lives but so does limb amputation and I am not a fan of either.

dinthebeast said...

My friend Rob works at a wrecking yard and he used to set them off sometimes. You can lift quite heavy things with one if you try...

-Doug in Oakland

Keaaukane said...

Sure, I'm late to this party, but I have something to say.

Another thing to know about the powder that coats airbags is how they effect DUII cases. When the airbag deploys, a large amount of the dust is blasted into the mouth, nose and throat of the driver. IF the cops take him in to blow into the Intoxilyser, some of the dust particles can go into the machine. This can cause the machine to read much higher than it should. The intoxilyser reads anything that blocks it's light source as alcohol. This is incorrect, and probably leads to many false convictions.