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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Russian Fallout; Trump Ed.

Sam Clovis, President* Donald Trump's nominee to be the Department of Agriculture's chief scientist, withdrew himself from consideration Thursday, the White House announced.
You could have grabbed ten people who were walking down the street and half of them would have been more qualified to fill that job than was Clovis. Clovis has not a single science degree or any relevant experience whatsoever. About the only way to find somebody less qualified would be to dig up Tromfin Lysenko.

But he was willing to sign on as Trump's lackey, and that was good enough for Dolt-45.


deadstick said...

Guess they got the Clovis Point.

dinthebeast said...

Word is he wasn't looking forward to answering senators' questions under oath next week, when so many of those questions were likely to include "Papadopoulos" and "Sessions".

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

I love it that Clovis said he "couldn't get a fair hearing". Right, because it's so unfair to ask him why he thought that colluding with Russian intelligence was a good idea.

Tod Germanica said...

No Republican dares call it treason.